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Thanks! Glad you liked it!


Super cute but the game over screen broke my heart 

Wow, it was gorgeous, this is so relaxing I could play it for hours!

Congrats! 🐸

I loved it :o 

I'm in love with this art style

And the ambient music was perfect

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I love how the music stop when the bird is caught haha

Really fun! Great work :)

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Very cool puzzle, loved the impression of breaking the game to solve some level haha

Great concept, I truly enjoyed it

Loved the idea of tweaking the entities on top of platform creation!


Really funny,  great art, perfect music...

Just wondering how did you get this idea but I don't know if I really want to know.

The game I loved the most so far, congrats to you all and I hope you had fun making it!

I love the idea. Hilarious result! Great job!

The dancing chefs made my day haha

A bit hard to apprehend but really nice and enjoyable when you get your hang of it! 

Looks fantastic !

The ambiance is perfect just need a bit more sound effect when you play a card and it'd be perfect !

Really nice though :o 

This was fun ! 

A bit hard for my brain to get use to the swap mechanics when we're used to the bomberman mechanic

Loved it from the title screen <3 

love it

Oh, yeah 😍

I know how I'll spend my evenings now 

This is really weird, it's working for me and my friends :c
You can still try the windows executable version !

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Due to a technical issue (as you can see, the loading get stuck) , we were not able to fix the game in time (but 1h30~ later) so if you wan't to play it there it is ! :