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Let me start by saying this game has a lot of things that don't impress me these days. I think pixel art is overused, overdone, and overstayed it's welcome. I don't like codeing related gameplay. Codeing feels too much like work. Now with that out of the way I can say that this game looks beautiful and the codeing aspect is ingenious. Taking things that I'm not impressed by and impressing me with them. That is a sign that this game is something special.


  1. Please let us reenable Lucky. D:
  2. Please let us mute that arcade machine... I think my face was stuck with cringe.enabled = true for an hour afterward. It was seriously awful. Yes, that game was a mistake.
  3. I ran into one bug. When I first get to the arcade, after the dialog is over and I get the task to get a high score nothing happened. I was stuck and could not move. I had to exit to the main menu and then continue. When I got back, I noticed I was in a slightly different spot. The first time I was much further down the screen so I think Frank was placed a little bit out of bounds maybe? Anyway, it was easy enough to clear up by turning it off and on again.
  4. I didn't find any use of the clipboard outside of the one necessary instance at the end of the demo. Either I wasn't looking hard enough or opportunities were missed.
  5. Aside of the arcade machine, the voice acting is on point and the overall sound aesthetic is as well. Compliments the visuals perfectly.

I'm definitely wishlisting this on Steam for the full release, but I'd prefer to buy it on itch.

The number of people I watch on Twitch and/or YouTube who either don't read anything or read and immediately forget and also don't pay attention to dialog and then later wonder why they don't know what's going on is disturbingly high.

Everytime I start this game it opens a browser to their website.


That's a real good way to get me to hate your game and company.

The game is also very laggy. When you click on something the sound plays, but it takes two or three seconds to do anything. If you click again thinking it didn't work then who knows what will happen because the game will register the second click afterwards.

Also, the "Delete Photo" and "Clear notes from photo" buttons do not work at all. 

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That second to last jump is the one I'm stuck on. I've tried it several times and I miss by inches. Once, I missed the pipe on the way back down and fell so far that it took 10 minutes to get back. :(

That jump will give me nightmares.

This desktop port suffers a lot. It's still very "moble" in a lot of ways. I just started and already I'm trying to read patient files with my head tilted to the side because they're made for phones and tablets that you can easily rotate. That's not easy to do with my arthritis.

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I played through a second time. That time I met him over near the carport and he walked to the stairs and then up them normally. Might have been a one-off bug. I'm not sure, I haven't done a third play, yet.

Day 11 when Callum is behind me after I ring the bell (when Rosalinde drives away) instead of going up the stairs to the house he just... phases through the stairs and the door opens by itself and then closes. He can't be seen inside, either. So yea. He just clipped through everything instead of going up.

Definitely need to be able to hide stuff. I have a ton of fluff that I looked at once and will literally never look at again. That's the nature of a lot of stuff on itch. It's not meant to be something long lasting. A lot of things here are transient and they're meant to be transient. I've also got a metric butt-ton of stuff that I tried because it was free and simply did not like it. I have searched for this and there are topics going back at least a YEAR asking for the option to hide stuff.

Come on, itch. Get on it.

You understand wrong. This mimics Omegle and other similar things.

"Government attempts to wrangle the issue bolstered a growing police force and, over many years, the reach of law enforcement grew larger and more aggressive. The general population, simply wanting to feel safe, grew more accepting and the first fully commercially run prison systems took form.

Nearly one hundred years later, in 2290 imprisonment is common place. A blind trust has been placed in the commercial justice system eventually landing every day people in jail for years for even the smallest offenses creating a massive divide between the idea of prisoner and person. Hundreds of commercial prisons and law enforcement companies thrive."

Are we talking about 2290 or 2020?

And if any of that has to do with unlocking the other bathroom door, well. That's something else I haven't gotten.

Can't find the second piece. If it's in relation to the arcade cabinet, I also cannot find a specific word (if one exists) that works. All words I try give the same result.

Scary, no. Creepy? Could be.

Oh, wow. No, I hadn't seen that mentioned. I've only seen the Google Doc someone made of "notable" items in the bundle.

Thank you for that link, though.

I'm not sure if the current solution of making everything invisible until I decide to install it at which time it will show up in my library is going to be the permanent solution because being hit with 1700+ items would be a bit overwhelming. But for the time being at least, we can only search the list by title. Going through 1700 items manually is just not a feasible task for most of us. I for one have very little idea of what I've bought so having the ability to search by tag or keyword would be fantastic. This way I can start to get a grasp of what's in this bundle.

Picked this up because it was recommended in a video by RagnarRox on YouTube.

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I wasn't sure how it would work, but when you start it there is a popup:

I have to get the other volumes installed through the app. I had installed them before having the app. (I don't think it even existed back then.) Anyhow, inside the install folder there is another folder named .itch with a receipt.json in it. It's the only extra thing included when downloading via the itch app, so I'd guess that's where the launcher info is.

Several of these crash for me the first time. Try again and see if it works.

I just wanted to let you know in case you were not aware. When launching Peak Bleak Blues in the itch app, the different sims come up in the order of:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 1
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

So not only are they out of order, numbers 4, 5, and 9 are simply missing and you have to right click and "open in Explorer" (I am on Windows, btw) in order to get to those.

Nice! Thanks.

Would love a downloadable version of this.

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After what's written below (I tried both browsers) I decided that the downloadable must run better, right? So I download and run it and no more than a minute later my computer is completely frozen and black screens. I have to physically reboot. For whatever masochistic reason I ran it again, but this time with Window's Resource Monitor running and after about 30 seconds the last thing I saw before everything froze and black screened again was Resource Monitor reporting that 99% of Physical Memory was in use. This is malware. Unintentional malware, I'm sure, but malware nonetheless. If it just crashed then whatever, it would be fine. But it doesn't. It takes the whole computer down with it. Do not download this!

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
RuntimeError: index out of bounds

Happens in Firefox and Chrome. Latest versions of each as of the date of this post. Happens after about 5 minutes without fail no matter what I do or don't do.

This was brilliant. Every couple of minutes I expected the game to be over, but it just kept going. A good amount of content for what this is.

More than a vibe. This is damn near a straight rip off.

Is this project dead?

yeah it is a real game.

Not really a comment.