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It's not working for me in Firefox with Greasemonkey. Seems to work in Chrome with Tamper Monkey, but it's hella slow.

Switched to Tamper Monkey in FF and it works. Guess Greasemonkey doesn't like the script.

Very fun. The circle part took me a few minutes to understand, but once I got it, it all made sense.

I stole your kitchen toilet.

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I thought this reminded me of the Mandela Catalogue and then I see it was the inspiration. Not my favorite work of unfiction, but the game ended up being better than the series, in my opinion.

Quite fun!

CONGTATS! Conglturations! A winner is you!

I was stuck for a while until I finally saw the three digit combo. Nicely hidden in plain sight.

Also, that horse. I love it.

One of the most satisfying escape games I've ever played. Right up there with a lot of Neutral's work. Thank you.

I miss Neutral escapes. Hopefully they finish updating their site and start making new puzzles again.

This concept is great and has a lot of further potential.

I've been following the progress on your YT channel, and I think this is shaping up to be pretty great. The controls feel (mostly) great. More on that below. The mechanics are fantastic and even with zero instructions it's really intuitive to figure out exactly how each object works and the little tricks that are possible in order to solve the levels. At least, so far.

The downsides are few, but I think important. First, the jumping is a bit... odd at times. It seems your jump height is determined by your forward velocity. This is common in this kind of game, but there's a few places where if you aren't going at max speed and jump at just the right point, you're going to miss the jump and in these levels at least, the two or three spots where this was an issue, I fell down to a point where I had to restart the level (through the retry system or just having to go through all the obstacles again, it's the same result.) I'm sure you've heard of the game design philosophy of Coyote Time? I wonder if you might implement something in the reverse? If your forward momentum is high enough, missing a ledge by a few pixels will place you on the ledge anyway. It would make up to higher ledges where there's a pit if you miss feel a whole lot better.

Finally I wonder if it's possible to have you exit from the pipe above the level you have just completed rather than all the way back to the start of the hub? I know it's a small thing, but over the time spent in one hub this can add up, especially if hubs ever get bigger than this one. Just something else to keep the flow of the game going without any more downtime than necessary.

Looking forward to what's to come.

The drawing of the guy fell off the wall and through the floor and now he's gone.

Maybe you are, but I wouldn't be so hard on yourself.

It's taken a spot at the top of my wishlist and will probably be the next game I purchase.

Weak player, more like it.

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Hyper slide show in Chrome. 1 frame every 5 seconds. Runs fine in Firefox, if a bit sensitive. Wish the mouse sensitivity was tuned down by at least 50%.

Just watched some of the videos. I guess Firefox wasn't good, either. Moving the camera around is smooth. Animations are smooth. Walking is choppy. Everything else is fine except walking around which is very stuttery. I thought it was just how the game was supposed to be since everything else was fine. But it did give me kind of a headache to play, I finished, but it wasn't super fun because of the stuttering movements. :(

Framerate looks better now. Stays at 60 if not moving the camera, down to 57 or 58 when moving. Before the update it would be in the 40s sometimes.

Collection management is nonexistent in the app. It's barely functional on the website as it is, but the app should be able to at least do as much as the website.

You can check the suggestions I posted for the website here to see the kinds of things the app should at least be capable of.

Right now, collection management is extremely barebones. I can rename or delete collections, delete games from collections, and I can change the display order of games. So far, this is it.

It would be nice to have the ability to more easily organize collections. Changing the order of games by drag/drop rather than repeatedly clicking left/right buttons to shuffle things around one by one. The ability to move games from one collection to another. The ability for one game to occupy multiple collections. The ability to merge collections. The ability to select a set of games from one collection and create a new collections with those games in it.

This all seems like pretty basic stuff to me.

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Because kids have never lied about their age on the internet.

And if Itch started requiring age verification like through ID, credit card, etc.... well, no. That's pretty horrible, not to mention extremely resource intensive for itch themselves. The internet is what it is. If kids are accessing adult content then that's on the parents/guardians for not implementing proper parental control over their children's devices. Website admins are not a substitute for good parenting. There's an opt-in that must be enabled to see NSFW content, that's as far as itch really needs to go.

NSFW artists can get in serious legal trouble if minors get ahold of their work

Uh. No. Unless it's a law in some authoritarian nation, then no. This isn't even remotely true for the majority of the world.

So I don't publish games. I'm just a dude. But I've got these porn game makers following me. Obvious "advertising" attempts. But I don't want them in my follower list. I've blocked the accounts, but they still show up in my followers list.

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The latest version has been 0.35 for like 7 months. lol. Where have you been?

And the next version after that is supposed to be out to Patrons, so it might be out for everyone soon as well.

I hope those free keys weren't snatched by bots.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing this one.

Sufficiently creepy and unsettling. Loved it. By the way, ESC didn't work to exit the game. I had to Alt+F4 which might not be intuitive to a lot of players. Was this intentional?

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Check your link. You can't just copy and paste from YouTube descriptions.

Here is the proper link:

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post Discord links here, so I didn't the first time.

I was that close to the end, I had to see how it finished! Even if I figured it out much earlier. ;)

Aside from that bug (hopefully it was just my computer having a seizure and not something in the game) it was really good. I certainly enjoyed it.

Painticus's Discord is the place you want, probably.

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Most games have a crouch. This game has a crawl, which I appreciate. Although you still make footsteps while crawling. Hmm...

EDIT: I've finished the game now. A couple of bugs and other problems I ran into. First, the framerate drops to a crawl in the greenhouse. But the second problem was actually much bigger. Potential spoilers, but once I got past the server room and to the message terminal before the final console, the one with the floppy disc labeled "Access Codes" next to it on the desk, the game kind of glitched out. The sound stuttered and "hung" for a moment and then returned to normal. However, my screen just stayed frozen. My computer was not locked up. I could alt-tab to my desktop. But in the game I could still push movement keys and the flashlight and I could hear myself walking and clicking the flashlight on and off, but the screen was still frozen at the terminal. Pressing ESC apparently brought up the menu because moving my mouse I could hear the tones of mousing over the menu options, but again the screen still showed the terminal. I had to force close the game and restart and unfortunately it doesn't seem like the game has any support for saves at all so I had to start over again. This bug did not occur the second time through.

I'm having a hard time thinking that you're being anything other than purposefully acting in bad faith here. Your comment is the biggest strawman I have ever heard. Is your name Armstrong? Because that was a huge stretch, friend. Nobody was talking about allowing anyone to change the executable path besides the end user. I just... I can't imagine you didn't understand that. I almost feel bad for explaining it to you as if you didn't get it because I'm sure you did and now I feel like I'm playing into whatever weird little game you're trying to play. I guess Steam and GOG Galaxy are both massive security threats because both of them allow end user customizable executable targets.

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Changing the executable target is a ridiculously simple thing to ask for. It's indefensible to not have the option, so your excuse does not fly with me especially since I have more things installed that came with a single installer executable than did not.

In quite a lot of cases what the app "installs" is actually the installation file and nothing more. Meaning launching from the app just runs the game's installer. After I've manually installed it, it would be nice if I could change a setting in the app to point to the actual game executable instead of the installer so that I could actually launch the game from the app instead of having to open the folder each time and manually running it.

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That's what most desktop ports of mobile games end up being. The bare minimum effort goes into the port so the developer can make an extra buck.

EDIT: Actually, it runs just fine for me. Maybe try again? They said on Steam that the first version was really bad and then there was an update that fixed it.

EDIT2: It was just updated again today. So yea.

Let me start by saying this game has a lot of things that don't impress me these days. I think pixel art is overused, overdone, and overstayed it's welcome. I don't like codeing related gameplay. Codeing feels too much like work. Now with that out of the way I can say that this game looks beautiful and the codeing aspect is ingenious. Taking things that I'm not impressed by and impressing me with them. That is a sign that this game is something special.


  1. Please let us reenable Lucky. D:
  2. Please let us mute that arcade machine... I think my face was stuck with cringe.enabled = true for an hour afterward. It was seriously awful. Yes, that game was a mistake.
  3. I ran into one bug. When I first get to the arcade, after the dialog is over and I get the task to get a high score nothing happened. I was stuck and could not move. I had to exit to the main menu and then continue. When I got back, I noticed I was in a slightly different spot. The first time I was much further down the screen so I think Frank was placed a little bit out of bounds maybe? Anyway, it was easy enough to clear up by turning it off and on again.
  4. I didn't find any use of the clipboard outside of the one necessary instance at the end of the demo. Either I wasn't looking hard enough or opportunities were missed.
  5. Aside of the arcade machine, the voice acting is on point and the overall sound aesthetic is as well. Compliments the visuals perfectly.

I'm definitely wishlisting this on Steam for the full release, but I'd prefer to buy it on itch.

The number of people I watch on Twitch and/or YouTube who either don't read anything or read and immediately forget and also don't pay attention to dialog and then later wonder why they don't know what's going on is disturbingly high.

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That second to last jump is the one I'm stuck on. I've tried it several times and I miss by inches. Once, I missed the pipe on the way back down and fell so far that it took 10 minutes to get back. :(

That jump will give me nightmares.