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im pretty sure i cheesed most of the levels

the concept is good but the execution just sucks

a lot of the time you dont know what to do

still congrats on making this :)

the puzzles are amazing characters are charming genius level design clean graphics

literally everything is good about it

just please add an undo function and make the character faster


very nice sound effects

feels very nice

particles please

good game :)

i hate this game and im going to keep playing it

good game :)

this game is a bit too hard and very buggy

it would be cool if the background wouldnt just be a purple void

if you fall off when you respawn you still have your speed which makes you fall off again

sometimes you can fall off and not respawn so you just fall forever

fun game :)

ThatGame.exe community · Created a new topic too difficult
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expected a puzzle game not a rage game

level 6 alt solution

all game interactions:

is win, is defeat: closes game

is you: the window moves

game link noun, noun link game: nothing happens

game is noun: closes game

You can get stuck way to much and have to reset. like i got stuck in the tutorial. also its hard to tell if your solution is the intended one but maybe its just me idk.

great game

too difficul

That isnt the case i just got my new pc and it is really good

1. windows

2. i used the itch io app

3. no

i dont know why but as soon as i launch the game it just quits

great puzzle! really made my mind bend

pretty cool game

pretty cool game

also people who suggest stuff

please dont recommend something that has been recommend a million times

what do you plan to do first? a video or an update

just asking

(1 edit)

no but i think you can do it by messing around with your save

here i found it

no for the controls

add some sort of a tutorial instead of rules so new people can learn how it work

The output bug: the output doesnt update but i cant tell am i dumb or simulator is broken

way too many bugs

(3 edits)

1. Let us use < and > in Chip names

2. deleting and renaming projects

3. Negative numbers (1000 is -8, 1010 is -6)

4. Editing, deleting chips

5. Being able to put multiple digits in one wire. Like using splitters and bundlers

Also do you plan making it for mobile