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i dont know why but as soon as i launch the game it just quits

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That's not good! Just to get a bit more of an idea what might be going on I have a few questions:

  • Are you running on windows or linux (and are you running the corresponding version)?
  • Did you unzip the file before running the executable?
  • Do you see any messages pop up when it quits?
  • Do you see any messages in the debug window (the window that opens alongside the game with a black background)?

1. windows

2. i used the itch io app

3. no

Thanks for the info! It seems like this sometimes happens when people try to run it on older hardware. Could that be the case? You could also send me message at for more technical questions.

That isnt the case i just got my new pc and it is really good

Hmmmm tough to gauge what's going on then based on your description. A private message might be easier to look into the details together, if you're comfortable reaching out over reddit or instagram