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A very interesting experiment. Using the input as variables in this way brings a new layer to the storytelling and I especially like helping players come up with input through the provided keys. I'd be curious about ways to expand it into other forms.

I love the idea and the simplicity. Impressive that the mechanics are still this original given the small package. I'd be curious about more inspiration for campaign and setting, but I understand that goes against the miniature nature of the game. Looking forward to trying it with friends!

A very clever idea! I like the inspiration and the mechanistic focus. I'd be curious to learn more about the setting and world-building. Without meaning to self-promote, it reminds me of a previous projects I did, so it's fun to see other people take similar ideas in totally different directions.

This is an extensive and detailed project. The books look great and fit the DND atmosphere. It looks like a very helpful fix to the complexities of DND and I'm definitely going to run a version of this with friends.

Treasure Text: The Stranding of St. Adjutor Banner

Treasure Text: The Stranding of St. Adjutor is a role-playing game played entirely via the messenger app of your choice. Grab some friends, toss them in a group chat and tell them you are off to an exotic island in search of treasure!

Played in real time over the course of seven days, players will coordinate, confer, convene, and confront each other throughout the day. Their daily conversation will prepare them for their nightly exploits, when they don their rain boots, light their torches and head out to explore the island. As they do, they learn the mysteries of the locale and gather clues to find the treasure. They will need to work together to collect all the information, but in the end, only one can take home the prize!

Treasure Text: The Stranding of St. Adjutor Screenshots

Awesome! Didn't mean to rush anyone, I just got a little worried for a second. Looking forward to it! :D

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Maybe this is the wrong place, maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I was a little surprised not to see a FFS in the itch calendar for next month. Will there not be one next year?

That's awesome to hear!

Happy to hear you liked it!

Hmmmm tough to gauge what's going on then based on your description. A private message might be easier to look into the details together, if you're comfortable reaching out over reddit or instagram

Really cool to see that you did a playthrough and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game! Also exciting that you found the secret area and I hope you got to see the little easter egg there as well :)

Thanks for the info! It seems like this sometimes happens when people try to run it on older hardware. Could that be the case? You could also send me message at for more technical questions.

Thanks so much for the detailed comment! Glad to see you enjoyed it and your feedback is very helpful :)

Of course! I think most of these are subjective, so feel free to ignore any of them:

  • I prefer an inverted y-axis for the camera control. I couldn't find an option to change it, but maybe I didn't look around enough.
  • In the on-rails sections in particular, the ship was on the same spot as the reticle. That meant it was hard to see what I was aiming at. Maybe the ship could be a little lower?
  • In the on-rails sections, the drifting felt very immediate. I liked that it was so explosive, but maybe a little smoother?
  • The boosting (particularly in the dog fighting sections) feels like it could be faster.
  • The handling feels like it could use a little more acceleration (particularly in the on-rails sections). It feels a tiny bit sluggish now.
  • I also encountered the lock-on issue mentioned earlier, but that seems like a technical thing to iron out.

Like I said, mostly very subjective stuff and none of it got in the way of my enjoyment of the game :)

Awesome to hear! Thanks for the feedback

Really cool game! The aesthetic is just fantastic and I think the story is very fitting. Good length as well. You could tweak some gameplay elements, but solid overall. I especially like the special attacks that you activate by barrel rolling, those feel very satisfying. Love to see where you'll take this!

I really like the idea behind this one and I'm curious to see how you'd develop this further. Cryptography could lead to some really cool storylines. I think there is some room for improvement on the usability side. Finding the instructions is a bit of a hassle (you can't copy-paste the link provided, but have to copy it manually and the submission file doesn't include the html file) and while the alphabet table is a striking visual element and a helpful tool, it gets hard to use when you have to scroll to the right.

Thanks for checking it out! Sad to hear that it's not running consistently on both machines, if you'd like you could send me a reddit message at so I can get a bit more info on what's going on.

Thank you so much! Also for that suggested improvement, always good to know :)

I'm happy to hear that helped! I hope you enjoy the game, despite the challenge.

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That's not good! Just to get a bit more of an idea what might be going on I have a few questions:

  • Are you running on windows or linux (and are you running the corresponding version)?
  • Did you unzip the file before running the executable?
  • Do you see any messages pop up when it quits?
  • Do you see any messages in the debug window (the window that opens alongside the game with a black background)?

Thanks for letting me know! Makes sense that that's uncomfortable . I've updated the game to include a mouse sensitivity slider on the main menu. You can now turn it up to five times higher than the default. Let me know what you think!