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Fascinating game and truly innovative experiment with AI.

Fun game, enjoyed it a lot! Thats one dedicated professional!

Hahaha, short but not short of humour or imagination!

Thank you. Characters owe a great part of their charm to wonderful animation by Kapa :-)

Quite thought provoking, it is hard to decrypt Human emotions most of the time, not to mention Nymph!

Loved the story and humor but especially puzzle design. Also stunned by all those details and comments that weren't needed to finish the game but made it a much richer experience. Almost open world :-D

Mouth watering comic book graphics and the story to boot. Enjoyed this very much!

This is so charming, loved the concept! It reminds me a little of this old cartoon The Phantom Tollbooth.

Oh, this was fun, just the title made me laugh outloud, and it kept going... beautiful graphics too, especially considering the environment... :-D

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Ah, sorry, should've mentioned it in the walkthrough: you can also offer empty plate twice, same result.

Haha, it is one of those "Don't try this at home" recipes :-P Thank you for playing!

Yes, it did. We ought to consider a stronger warning or more of a build up within the story to soften the shock value in a future update.
Thanks for the report, I think that bug is fixed in download versions, but original Web version was left up for voting purposes, it will be updated once voting period is over.

It must be Frank's hairstyle, I was going for something Shaggy, lol! And we have Polytely to thank for the Zoinks! ending! Thanks so much for playing!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for playing and comment! Game contains a couple "hellos" to famous horror movies, partly a homage to stories that inspired our writer Polytely, partly to give a heads up to players, so they don't get too comfy playing the game :-)

Thank you for playing!

Short but fun, I got to be a wealthy adventurer (eventually), yay!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the comment and playthrough!

Oh, this was cute! And quite an interesting game mechanic too, had fun!

Very interesting little game with quite an artistic touch. Enjoyed the stylish design and the color palette. Appreciate your sharing experiences with mental issues this way.

Haha, this was super short, but promisingly funny, and with lovely artwork.

Nice homage to old style science fiction, well executed and with charming comic book feel graphics! I enjoyed it!

Nice and atmospheric game, interesting stories and characters. Dialogue was a little buggy, speech would end before subtitles, and then the rest of the subtitles were just cut off, so it was a bit confusing to follow.

Had to make a second attempt on that maze, I didn't think I was gonna need that much of my brain working on it, lol. Great puzzle, tho, well designed, enjoyed it in the end!

Thank you for playing!

Ooh, excellent idea for our next game! :-D

Thank you so much for playing our game, great playthrough! And hope you recover from the shock, it's all just a little food for thought... :)

Thank you for playing and comment! Hope you didn't find the ending too disturbing, it is the job of storytellers to sometimes surprise you and give you pause.

Played the first part of this story before, so I knew what to expect... Yep, still atmospheric, well told and just pretty! And the ending... LOL :-)

Thank you for playing and suggestions, will try to convince polytely to take it easy on the players! :-D

Thank you for playing, happy you enjoyed our game! And thanks for the bug report, will check this out!

Thank you so much for your kind comment, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, that was fast! :-D Thanks, will probably try it again later.

Cool concept, eerie atmosphere, unfortunately game started crashing soon on my computer and couldn't continue.

This had quite a nice and creepy atmosphere.

Beautiful graphics, lovely colors and atmosphere, felt like I was on vacation! Didn't get too far with gameplay, but at least made a little tour around the island :-)

This was very interesting and the graphic were charming! Not sure I got the ending I was supposed to, but maybe I'll try again another time. Fire puzzle was a nice touch.

This was very cute, nice graphics!

Adorable game and characters, with quite a unique gameplay!