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Daniel Ebenezer

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Good game, love the art style!

Pretty simple concept and fun to play! 

Pretty simple concept and fun to play! 

Hey, thanks for playing the game and taking your time to provide feedback! We did think about that initially, but we already made a game with a similar concept, so we decided to go with the other side of the coin. I dont think your inputs are wrong, its just another way of looking at it and do play my other games in my page if you have time ! :D

Thats true, All the bestt!!

Great mechanic, love the visuals. Awesome game overall!

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Thank you ! We are looking to add more levels.

Awesome game! Loved the mechanics and audio. Congrats on your first game jam game!! Hope you do many more!

Great game! Incredibly challenging and fun to play!

Thanks for the feedback! :D 

Thanks buddy!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback! We will fix them soon!

Great game ! The particles and other effects make the game look really good!

Yes as i said its not a 100% complete :(  we still have a few bugs to fix and assets to add which we will add pretty soon. Thank you for playing!

Thank you! Your game looks amazing too!

Yes we are adding a few assets for the weapons and environment. Thank you!

Awesome game! Looks amazing <3

Great game! Awesome look and feel

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Great Work! Keep going!!

Incredibly Challenging and fun! Cool mechanics combined with aesthitics. Great work!! 

It was really fun! Took a while for me to get how to get past the enemies, but after that it was even better! Good work! 

Thanks a lot!

We tried taking a WebGL build on Unity, but ran into some issues(This was our first time trying it out) . So we couldnt add the browser version. Maybe in a few days we might upload it again so people can play on browser.

Thanks for your feedback, I will look into the problem. Yes I will play your game and rate :D

Thanks a lot! Your game looks great too!

Yes! Thanks for playing!

Great game , simple and fun to play!!

Thanks for your feedback! I will try beating that score :P

Yes I forgot to mention that in the game , should add it in my description. Thanks for pointing that out. :D

Well done!!

The character looks amazing! The game would've looked a lot better if you had filled the level with some stuff instead of having white panels. 

Loved the game!! Great audio and nice animations!! It is very challenging and a lot of fun

Great game! Love the audio and the pixel art! 

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback! We were running out of time so we couldnt spend time on Audio and the UI. We are still working on it  now and will update soon.

Hey! I liked the game and the whole concept! The art and animations are also kinda cute!