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great news! You can play pico 8 games on your phone! I've also got it accepted in the amazon fire app store and I'm working on a android and ios version. I'll also be expanding it over the next couple of weeks, and releasing a longer version too! (More levels, more difficulty,  more things to pick up)

That is a great use of the limitation!



That was fun!

Ok...too fun!


This is amazing! I like the ship handling. Only neg, the dynamite and fuel look similar at high speed!

This was the most unique Game I've played so far! 50 out of 5 stars

Good Game!

Yeah, I racked a 35 person body count, and was then like, now what? A timer would add finality, even if it was the same level over and over, like, how many baddies can you kill in 5min type of thing! Can you beat your previous record? etc.

good job!

great game

Okay, one of the most fun games so far!

I enjoyed playing it, but wish there was some sort of timer

fun! too fast for me though


Awesome game!

Okay, this is the best use of the limitation so far...great job!

I enjoyed playing your game!

I enjoyed playing your game!

I enjoyed playing your game!

I enjoyed playing your game!

I enjoyed playing your game!

I hope the limitation meshes well with the theme. I don't know about simulation "without physics"

Pico-8!!!!!!!!!!!! It uses Lua, but it seems to be quick for prototyping.

You get a game at the end, I've heard