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I'm curious, have they turned up anything useful?

That should be them.

I can't think of anything they all have in common besides being built in the current build.

All three of the robots I've built in this build are immune to elimination by pits and ring-outs.

The robot workshop doesn't work properly for me. If I try copy-pasting something, I can't interact with any other part of the robot from that point on, until I click on the copy of the part. At which point the copy vanishes.

Woot! Looking forward to it. :)

Fun fact, the biting mechanic actually makes crushers much more viable, even without having hydraulics yet. They pinch wedges much more nicely and there's... another interesting side effect when dealing with robots made more out of shapes than chassis sculpting.

See post 172. :)

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am on windows, but I... don't actually know what the program directory is.

edit: Well, I know it's presumably a directory full of programs, but I don't know how I'd reach it or quite what it would do

edit 2: I just stumbled across the path to reach it near the bottom of page one of the bot sharing thread. Had to look in LocalLow instead of Local, but aside from that it worked. :)

How would I actually go about finding the bot files? I'm not exactly good at computers so I don't know where to even start looking.

I love the new spinner physics, but the blur cylinder - while cool for bars - isn't so good for flywheels or drums.

Overall a big improvement though. :)

Ooo, sweet. Looking forward to it. :)

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Probably my last comment for now, the way the spinner blur works at the moment rather ruins the appearance of all but the simplest spinners.

UPDATE: On a related note, I'm trying to make a motor powered axe, and the bot keeps bouncing into the air. When the blur happened in testing, I eventually realised the game's reading it as a spinner, and doesn't seem to like the floor to enter the area through which the "spinner" would rotate if it went the full circle.

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I can't figure out how to do anything with belts or chains. I can put a pulley on a motor, but how am I supposed to add a second pulley elsewhere and link the two?

UPDATE: I've found how it works now, but that leads me to another issue. I'm wondering if we'll be able to drive multiple pulleys with one motor in future, so we can drive all the wheels on one side with that one motor?

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I built a replica of Razer (technically series 2, no wings) in the previous version. Do you have any plans for hydraulics in future versions, and/or for crushing damage? If I can figure out how to find it in the file structure I could send you the bot if you like - probably once I update it to belt drive - as a pre-built sort of test bed for that sort of thing.

Speaking of sending bots, the Stinger replica I built has a tendency to wreck itself by swinging its mace, might be useful to look at what physics are in play there? My other thwackbots don't have that problem.

UPDATE: Stinger doesn't actually break itself on the damage system in the new build, so I was able to see what was happening. You'll probably find it useful to know that right now a small enough object doesn't have to hit the floor all that fast to clip through it.