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It would be really handy to be able to set how fast a motor turns, or to have a higher limit to how big of a ratio you can set on a gearbox. My Panic Attack rep has difficulty using its forks for anything but conventional flipping, because I can't make them move slow enough despite a 10-0.1 ratio.

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It needs to be able to move them a good five to ten times slower to work properly.

The latest bleeding edge build lets you make gearboxes with as much reduction as you can make the space for.  1000:1 should be no problem if you stack three 10:1 gear sets.

I've been a tad nervous about the idea of trying the bleeding edge builds for the sake of my large number of robots, but I'll back them up and have a go.

Fair enough!  It is probably worth following the RR2 thread on GTM to see if anyone is having problems with each bleeding edge build before trying it.

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I've tried it, putting the forks on two gearboxes. The first at 10-0.1 and the second at 10-0.5. The forks move at the right speed, but they're completely useless.

If I try to lift them with any weight on them, they just go limp and fall back to the floor after about half a second.


I've posted the bot in case testing might help figure out what's wrong.