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Robot Rumble 2.0

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Steam - Definitely!

Multiplayer - We have people using Parsec for multiplayer now, but I think that is as far as we will go.  Real-time dedicated multiplayer servers aren't in the cards unless we completely change the scope of the project, which would require a massive investment of time and money.

I just removed Depth of Field blur in the BotLab on the latest bleeding edge build.  You should be all set!

We would like to, but this is a little more complicated than it initially sounds.  I put it on our Trello board.

I recommend checking on the RR2 forums over at  There are lots of people over there who have been building some great heavyweight robot replicas.

In general, start with Ampflow A40-300 motors, attach some wheels, and be sure to increase the armor plate thickness in the “Materials” tab so that your robot weighs at least 100 kg.  Otherwise the motors are so powerful that they will flip your robot.

This is super helpful.  Thank you!

Right now I'm thinking the following:

1. If there is a glancing blow, the weapon will bounce off without losing speed. (DONE)

2. If there is a direct hit, the weapon will lose all of its speed, dumping all of its KE into the robots involved. (DONE)

3. There needs to be a gray area between #1 and #2.  Something in between a "good hit" and a "glancing blow".  (NOT DONE)  Maybe the "glancing blow" situation needs to be adjusted depending on the quality of the hit such that a fraction of the speed is lost, but not all of it.

This is a simplification I made to avoid having to deal with coming up with an algorithm for computing the percentage of energy lost on different hit conditions. 

If you don’t mind my asking, what situation are you having where it doesn’t feel right to dump all of the spinner’s KE on the hit?


  1. Are you using a mac or a PC?
  2. Which web browser are you using?
  3. When you click the download button, what happens?

Sorry about that!  We introduced a few features in rapid succession that caused the problem (see comments from 17 days ago).  The fix is fairly painless.  You just need to add a few things to the affected robot’s save files.  Here’s a link detailing how to fix the files:

We don’t have a 32-bit machine to test on, so we weren’t planning on making one.

Unfortunately it isn’t currently in the budget.  I did a projection a few months ago, and we estimated it would add a few hundred thousand dollars to the development costs to properly rebuild the game around online multiplayer.  Our total budget is only a small fraction of that.

Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to take a look.  I’m a teacher, and this was the first week of school, so I haven’t been able to do any development this week.

Thank you!

Awesome!  Thank you!  School has started, so it might be a few weeks before I get to them, but once things have normalized, I should be back in the swing.

Would you mind posting the robots over on GameTechMods?  I would love to have a look...

We still have several thousand hours of work left to do, so we are pretty far out at this point.  At the rate we are going, I expect it will be a few more years until the official release.  

Right now we are planning continue to release updates as we go, first as free public Alpha, then as closed Beta.

Interesting.  Any idea why?  They should trigger an OOTA volume as soon as the chassis enters it.

Sorry about that!  Bubblegum's issues are something that we are planning to address as we shift focus over to creating the new damage system.

Sorry about this!  We did a series of builds in rapid succession that created incompatibilities with robots created in previous builds.  The fix is to edit the .RR2Bot files for the robots.

You can find a complete description and how to fix the broken .RR2Bot files on the GameTechMods website.  I promise the fix isn't too painful, and feel free to ask if you have questions!

Here's the link to the fix:

If you are interested, here's a link to a more complete discussion:

Working on it!  We’ll try to have the fix ready for the next public build.

If you are on a Windows PC, you should find a .exe file that should run when you click on it.  If you are on a Mac, click on the .app file.

The game only works on Windows and MacOS.

Please let us know if this doesn’t work!

I’m hoping that what you have shown in the photo is going to become a lot more prevalent once the new armor plating system is available.  It should be the default behavior as a piercer destroys plates, allowing it to pick up the remaining structure.

At least that’s the basic idea.  🙂

Unreal!  Well done!

Excellent!  The files are a custom format that we made for the game.  You should be able to open it up in a text editor and see what’s inside if you are curious.

It depends on whether you are using Windows or Mac.  

I’m using a mac, and it is a little confusing.  On a mac it is stored in a folder that is normally hidden, but can be found by the finder if you use the “Go to Folder” option in Finder:


-> Application Support

-> com.nerdislandstudios.robotrumble

-> Robots


I believe Windows stores the .RR2Bot file in the program directory.  Can someone verify?

The newest build is out!

The physics issue with the cylinder collider not being disabled at low speeds should be fixed on this upcoming build.

I did some major tweaking on the visuals for the blur cylinder as well.  It should look a lot better.  Let me know what you think when the new build comes out!  (hopefully today or tomorrow...)

We are hoping to do multiple pulleys, but it isn’t ready yet.  On this next build, we are doing bug fixes and laying the groundwork for the new damage system via destructible armor plates.

This is something that I have struggled with.  I can switch collision modes on high-speed objects, but the other collision modes are causing all sorts of instability as well.  Let me poke into this some more...

You are correct.  Spinner damage has not yet been included.  The entire damage system itself is just a placeholder right now, and will be undergoing a complete rewrite over the next few months. 

We do have a quick fix for spinner damage coming out later this week which should provide a basic energy-based damage system, as well as fixing a bug which prevents spinners from knocking their target around.  Maybe by Thursday?

We’ll see!  Gotta get the robot workshop and AI in shape before we work on those.

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I just pushed a mini-update to support the people running Parsec tournaments on  It significantly nerfs damage, and prevents flippers from breaking off.

Ah.  Maybe still try turning down the screen resolution in the game settings?

Laptop? Desktop?

Laptops are typically going to struggle with graphics.  Maybe turn down the screen resolution in settings?


Memory/CPU/GPU issue maybe?  We aren’t really in optimization mode right now, but it might be something we can work on.  If you don’t mind my asking, what are the specs of the computer you are using?

When is it happening?  At the start of every fight?

Its up!

Eventually, yes.  Not yet though.  We still have a lot of work to do in the robot workshop before we address the battle design.

Sorry guys.  Laptop is back up.  I'm tweaking physics for the new ME0708 motor.  It is a LOT more powerful than the smaller AmpFlows, and I have had to make some changes to the new spinner physics to accommodate the motor.


My laptop just died, and I'm in the process of building a new one.  A day, maybe two?

I like the suggestion, though we aren’t ready to focus on arena design quite yet.  I will put it onto our Trello board though.