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Robot Rumble 2.0

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I like where you are going with this!  Yes, the .RR2bot file is plain text, so it should be doable.  We haven’t finalized the format yet though.  We are still grappling with custom components.  

As far as simulating battles, the battle themselves are simulations.  They just take a while to run.

What did you have in mind?


I'm thrilled that you love it so far!  It is definitely a labor of love, and we are doing our best to keep things as close to the feel of the source material (real life robot combat) as we can.  Three members of our team try to compete in robot combat competitions when we can, so we all have tremendous respect for the people who do it at the highest level.

We would like to get more bots in the game, but this is, of course, time dependent.  We are still working on the core game, and will add robots when we are satisfied with it.

I am pretty confident that we can do 4 robots.  6 robots should be doable too.  I have a "magic mobility" physics system in testing that can handle up to 12 robots, but I would prefer to not use it, as it sacrifices fidelity and flexibility.

Timers are coming -- probably in the first closed Beta.  Having timed matches is kind of key.  Cosmetics  will fall under the category of "last minute polish", once the rest of the game is working well.  Hopefully there will be a LOT of polishing before launch.

We are working on the GDD document right now to flesh out the types of matches, and having different match types is definitely something we are thinking about.

Our audio guy perked right up when you mentioned having an in-game commentator.  I'll let him run with that. :)

Thank you for all of the great feedback, and we will do our best to make you proud!


Great question.  To be honest, adding mod support is really hard -- significantly harder than just making a robot fighting game.  That being said, we are doing as much as we can to push in that direction:

1. Users already have the ability to create custom shapes in the BotLab, and to store and share their robots via .RR2Bot files.  Since the files are text-based instead of binary, it is possible to go in and change the robots by hand, or to write tools to automate the process.

2. In addition, this week I am working on BotLab texture generation and saving.  By the end of the next week or so, I am hoping to have a system in place for creating custom textures, saving them to a file, then loading the back into the game.

3. Once user-created textures are working, we are hoping to explore the ability for users to import UV-mapped .obj files in something like Blender or 3DS Max that they can bring into the game as custom shapes.  If this works, a user with sufficient 3D modeling skill should be able to create parts for any robot they want, texture them in an external program, then bring them into the game. 

We are DEFINITELY going to do #1 and #2.  

BIG CAVEAT - #3 is entirely aspirational at this point.  

I hope we can get to #3, but at this point our first priority has to be getting BotLab robots fighting each other.  We are a really small team, so any hour  we spend working on a modding feature is an hour not spent working on the core game.  The core of the game has to come first.

Thanks for the questions.

The entire damage system is effectively a placeholder right now.  Once we have BotLab robots fighting each other and a chance to make sure the physics feels right, we will go back and rewrite the damage system.

What you see right now is most likely going to change significantly over the course of the next 12 months.

Good questions!

1. We have to remove any robots that we don’t have permission to use in game.  Unfortunately, Carbide, Eruption, and Original Sin are on that list.

2. We are working on getting BotLab robots fighting each other now.  It is our top priority for the first closed Beta.  We are hoping to have it ready by March.

Uh oh!  What type of a computer are you running, and what happened when you tried to launch the game?

We are looking to release a first closed beta by the end of March.  We still have a TON of work to do between now and then.  We will try to keep up with the status on Twitter as we get new features working.  In case you are curious, we are currently working on a texture painting system for the BotLab, as well as getting BotLab robots fighting each other. 

To be honest, the entire damage system is going to get a complete rewrite once we have nailed down BotLab physics.  At the moment, we are working on getting BotLab robots to fight each other.  Once this is working, the order of priority will be:

1. Make sure BotLab robot vs BotLab robot combat physics looks and feels good, with a minimum of physics "explosions". (physics)

2. Make the damage system feel good. (game design)

3. Make damage look satisfying. (art and sound)

The damage system that currently exists is effectively a placeholder -- I am expecting the final version to look and feel different.

Excellent!  I was a little worried if it wasn't running well on a MBP.  Thanks for this!

We do!

Its actually a closed Beta test team.  The signup form is on  We are shooting for a first Beta release in the early spring.

All in good time! :)

Right now we are reworking BotLab physics to make everything as stable and as fast as possible.  Once BotLab physics is solid, we will go back to tweak everything so that it is possible to make great spinners and flippers.

Thank you for this.  I hadn't considered that the game would be GPU limited, because it is CPU-limited on both the Air and my MBP.   Fortunately, it is easy to tweak graphics on our end so that they look good but don't consume too many resources.  We should have this worked out by launch.

Thanks for the feedback on this.  We haven't put any effort into the settings interface yet -- the one in the Alpha release is just a placeholder.  

I'm actually developing on Mac, so Mac performance is an issue I am sensitive to.  Right now I have a 2016 MacBook Pro as my primary development machine, and am using an early 2014 MacBook Air for testing.

If you don't mind my asking, what kind of Mac are you using?

Thanks for the feedback.  We have both of these on list of stuff to fix, and will get to them when we can.  Lots of physicsing to do over the next few months...

Thanks for the feedback!

1. Heat is something we haven't even taken a preliminary pass at -- it is pretty much a placeholder in the Alpha release.

2. Robot drivability is huge for us.  We have a lot of work to do to get things to drive reliably.  Most of the issue is caused by uneven friction between the left and right sides of the robot.  Drivability is going to be one of our major areas of focus over the next few months.

3. I like the way you think regarding damage/points/time limits.  We definitely need a few more options here.

4. We need to think about how to do resizing to keep things realistic.  It might make the most sense to have "small", "medium", and "large" options for the premade components, then the ability to create and save your own.  Otherwise people will be able to make things unrealistically big or small things.  Then again, maybe it's okay if they are unrealistically small/big...  Thoughts?