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Robot Rumble 2.0

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As a fellow developer and teacher who uses Construct 3, I second this!  I would be willing to pay a yearly fee for access to a web-based version of Asset Forge.

$100/year for the tool would be worth every penny!

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Welcome to RR2!   

We love RA2!  A lot of the of the original RR2 community migrated over from the old RA2 forums a few years ago as RR2 gained traction.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Linux version.  Unfortunately we currently don't currently have an active member of the dev team for linux.   The best I can recommend is to head over to the Discord server to see if the community has a fix.  We also have a more recent build available there at the moment which might possibly address the issue.

Thanks!  We originally built the game to be a robot combat simulator so we could build out designs in the computer and learn to drive them before trying them in real life.  It has evolved since then, but that was the original design goal in 2017.  I’m glad you like it!

I love it!  Great role reversal, and the music is perfect for vacuuming.

Sorry about that!  There are a few bugs in the “welding” system when welding to a chassis.  Our workaround is to teach people to build with individual parts, rather than with the chassis builder itself.  There are a ton of helpful tutorials and builders on the Discord channel who can point you in the right direction.

Longtime fan of the 1989 Mechwarrior game here, and have been itching to recreate it for years.  It looks like you did it!  Thank you!

Any chance of a MacOS build?  

Very strange.  By any chance are you on Discord?  If so there is a pretty active community of folks who are willing to help troubleshoot.  If not my best advice is to download and reinstall.

This suddenly started happening after you have been using the build for a while?  Or is this a new copy that you just downloaded?

If you shut down and restart does it still happen?

We don’t like to keep the older bills in circulation.  So many issues, and even the stable ones are pretty far behind technology-wise.

We have done a large series of “bleeding edge builds” made available to the people on our Discord server.  We are pushing for a stable build as soon as we can, but there are some major changes that need a lot of testing before they can be called “stable”.

If you are interested, people have been running tournaments using the bleeding edge builds on Discord.

Not even remotely for both questions.  We are still making massive changes to gameplay.  Our tongue in cheek answer to full release is 2029.

First you will need to extract the zip file to a folder on the desktop.  Once you have done this you we’ll need to run the program.  On Windows you will need to click on the .exe file. On a mac you just need to click the program.  It is likely that it will ask permission because the software is not yet registered on an app store.

Great question! 

Discord is the place to go for all of the community arenas.

I completely agree!  Once we get the basics down like damage and a few other things we are planning on coming out of alpha and into beta.  At that point we will shift focus to making it easier to get started with the game and to learn how to build robots.

In the meanwhile are you able to check out our Discord server?  There are a ton of helpful folks there who can get you started.

No worries!  Here is a quick description of how to place the robots in your \Robots folder if you are on Windows.  Please scroll down a few posts to see the full conversation:

“ If you are on Windows you will first need to go into the robot workshop and create a new robot.  Once you have done this you should be able to find a /Robots folder in a hidden folder in your user directory called "AppData".

Any versions of the game from 2019 are extremely early prototypes.

There are several replica packs created by the community.  I recommend checking out our Discord server and asking around to see what people have made for the game.

In order to get the robots in the game you file need to place them into a special folder on your computer.  I strongly recommend checking out our Discord server for help with this.  We have several tutorials, as well as an active user community where you can ask questions.

Gotcha.  The computer is too old to run the game.

Hmmm... This is really strange. The game runs fine on both my 2013 macbook air and my 2016 macbook pro.  If you don’t mind my asking, what type of mac are you using?

It’s not officially supported, but a few people have had luck using Proton (???) with the game.  You should be able to ask around on the Discord server to see what settings people are using to get the game running.

Great questions!  The Battlebots replica pack was created by community members.  I believe it is available now, though since we have no official relationship with BattleBots I can’t make it (or any other community project for that matter) part of the official game.  

I recommend checking out the community on Discord.  There are tons of friendly builders there who can help you with the community packs.

Uh oh!  

By any chance did you extract the file to somewhere other than you downloads folder?

Sorry about that!  We are working on getting premade robots into the game.  For now we have put a link to a bunch of robots up here on itch.  Instructions for getting them into the game are on the Discord server linked above.  The user community has created many many more robots available on Discord as well.

Absolutely no idea.  We are planning to put out one more stable build with damage, then we will be beginning the process of a ground-up rewrite of most of the systems in the game in preparation for a beta release on Steam.

I have no idea how long this process will take.

Great question!  If you are on Windows you will first need to go into the robot workshop and create a new robot.  Once you have done this you should be able to find a /Robots folder in a hidden folder in your user directory called "AppData".

I strongly recommend you check out our Discord server.  There are tutorials there for accessing the /Robots folder, as well as a big support community to help you with questions.

Hi there!  It looks like you made your way to the Discord server.  These are really great questions to ask there — we have a bunch of tutorials and people online to help you get started.

There aren't.  For now we just have simple rotation and linear actuation.  People have been able to combine the two to create something that moves in a way similar to a 4-bar linkage.  It isn't exactly the same, but it is close.

Well done!  Thank you for these!

By any chance have you checked out our Discord server?  If you are interested there is a pretty active community discussing bug fixes and where we are going with the game.  

1. Fixing naming and file handling is on our critical path to Beta.  It will definitely be something that we will need to address.

2. We can definitely take it under advisement.  No promises.

3. We have to think very carefully about every mechanism that we put in the game.  It needs to be both possible and stable given Unity's PhysX engine.  Some arrangements create wobbly messes (think chain linkages) that aren't at all suitable for our purposes.  If you have a particular design in mind that you can draw, we would love to hear about it in Discord.

4. Hollow shapes are hard!  The reason is Unity PhysX doesn't actually support them.  You have to make them from a series of convex shapes arranged in a circle, and this creates all sorts of performance issues.  It is something we can look at though, but we have to be very careful to not tank the game's performance in the process.

BUG REPORT 1——I have to admit, I haven't even tried adding a wheel to a free axle yet.  Nice catch!

BUG REPORT 2——The countdown time should start after 5 seconds of immobilization.  Not sure what is going wrong here though...

BUG REPORT 3——If it isn't too much trouble would you mind joining the Discord server and posting the robots with the bugs?  I thought we had fixed all of the instances of exploding robots (actually caused by an error in a script).  We could definitely use your .RR2Bot files for troublshooting.

BUG REPORT 4——The old D.B. (emphasis on OLD) is build using an ancient unity prefab and scripts.  We will need to rebuild it using the bot lab to make it work correctly.  Its on the list, but we aren't there yet.

First, move the .zip file somewhere other than your downloads folder.  Once you do that you should be able to extract and see the .exe file.

First, extract the zip file to a different directory.  It needs to be somewhere other than the “downloads” folder.  Then find the .exe file inside and double click on it to run the game.

Sorry about that!

We are still working on our arena builder at the moment.  Once it is ready you will be able to create and share arenas.  I believe the Rumble Box is a user-made arena and we can not include it with the game.  We will be including other cool arenas though!

Hi Wolfgang!  Thanks for checking us out!

Instructions for adding .RR2Bot files to the game and much much more are available on our Discord server.  All of our community support folks are super active on our server.  Come check us out!

That 160 amp ESC is limited to 36 volts, so your aren’t going to be able to hit extremely hard with the AmpFlow.  The hardest-hitting spinners are typically powered by an ME0708 with a solenoid instead of an ESC.  Either that or a brushless motor with the bleeding edge Trampa VESC geared down.

No worries!

First, copy the .zip file to your Desktop.

Next, right click the file to extract it,

Last, find the .exe file in the extracted folder and click on it.

Spinner power is a function of component choices: battery configuration, ESC voltage and current, motor selection, gearing, and weapon design.  There is a lot to learn and to experiment with in the new builds.  Have you checked out the community builds on Discord?  There are a lot of builders there with great designs to crib from.

No worries!  There are a few AI scripts on the Discord server that should work for your hammer and flipper.  Have you been able to join the Discord?

We have Joe Strout on the dev team now.  Here’s the inventor of the miniscript programming language we are issuing for AI.  With his help we should be able to rework the AI to make it performant and fast to program.

Great question!  Your old robots are in a completely different folder and will be there no matter which version of the game you are running.

Hopefully soon!  We are really close on a stable build.