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Robot Rumble 2.0

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For the pneumatic components you need to click on the component and set a start and end range.  You also need to set the controls in the receiver so they work when triggered.

For the belt or chain components, first place the pulley or gear on a motor shaft.  The click and drag on the pulley or gear you just placed to position the output gear and shaft.

Great question!

We don’t have any plans for 32 bit support.  We are a tiny team of developers, and can’t afford to develop for and continue to support 32 bit processors.

Great  suggestion!

We are planning to work the player up into more and more complicated builds in the single player game, but we are a long way off from that right now.

In the meanwhile, the Discord community has a huge array of builds and premade things to try if you are interested!

The link for the Discord server is at the top of the page.

Please check out the Discord if you are interested in participating in the bleeding edge builds.  Bleeding edge builds get a LOT of discussion, so we are using Discord for that.

Working on them today!  The latest bleeding edge builds have pretty close to final versions of the pneumatic flipper systems.  They are close enough that we are finally comfortable rebuilding the premade flipper robots with the new flipper systems..

The quickest way is to create a new robot.  It will come with the default AI code.  Just copy and paste it off to a separate file, then copy-paste that into your old robot.

In addition, you might be interested in some of the many user-created AI scripts over on our Discord channel.

There are a few arenas being passed around on the Discord server, but a bug in the most recent bleeding edge builds is preventing them from losing.

I recommend checking out the Discord server for more information.

Unfortunately, no.  We don’t have the IP rights to use those robots in the game.  

I strongly recommend you check out the Discord server to see what other players are making.  All of the components are currently available in game so that you can replicate the dominant flippers, spinners, and control bots.

Right here!  Check out the latest stable download in the links above.  Also, if you are looking for the latest and greatest features, check out our community on Discord.  We have a pretty good group of people there making awesome designs all the time.

It is a gradual process.  

The mechanics exist to do spinners and wedges right now.  We can’t do pneumatics yet because those systems don’t exist.  We are also busy making components.  For every premade robot in the game we need to get both robot and component permissions.  Then we must model all of the necessary components before we can put everything together and test the robot.

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The painter was a proof of concept we threw together a long time ago.  It is entirely a destructive process.  You are overwriting pixels on the texture map when you apply paint.  The only thing you can do is paint over what you have already done.

Instead of using the painter, most people create custom shapes, tint them to the correct color, and set the material as “Decoration”.  This way they can move them and change them like a vinyl sticker.

Sorry for that! 

Damage is broken and will be fixed.  The old robots are broken and will be removed from the game.

No worries!  It uses the exact same process as drive, except that you probably want to set the receiver to “Single Toggle” for the weapon motor.

Thanks for joining the Discord!  Were you able to work through the difficulties you were having with the new control system?

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Over the next few months we will be adding pneumatics control systems as well.

Sorry about that!  

This latest build brought in a lot more complexity.  We are hoping to introduce it all via baby steps as the game matures.  In order to learn from the best, I recommend asking for help on the official RR2 Discord server:

RR2 Discord Server

There are a ton of experienced RR2 robot builders there to help you out.

If you aren't comfortable with Discord, you can always post here as well.  Where are you getting stuck?

You might have a versioning issue where robots from an older version are not loading correctly.  Maybe try the suggestions listed in the post below?

Working on it.  

The pneumatics in the game are going to be completely removed eventually and replaced with a proper pneumatics model.  I am currently working on reducing the CPU load of spinners.  Once this is done, pretty much everything about the way spinners behave will be different in lots of subtle ways.  

Because this next build is going to change so many things I want to take my time to make sure it doesn’t break too much before I release it.

Are you referring to a robot that you built, or one that comes with the game?

If the former, there has been pretty active discussion about how to do damage and breakage.  Most likely we are going to end up with attachments that break off as an entire assembly, rather than as individual pieces.  For now we are focusing on spinners, but we will get to flippers eventually once we have electrical systems sorted.

If you are referring to prebuilt robots, they will be going away and will be replaced with robots that were built in the robot workshop.  Everything you see right now is a mock-up that uses physics and damage systems that will be removed from the game.

1. All robots currently in the game are going to be removed and replaced by those built in the robot workshop.  Pneumatics are purely notional at this point.  They are way too powerful and responsive, but we haven't put any time into the pneumatics system yet.  Expect all pneumatics to be completely replaced with a new system at some point in the future.

2. We do not have permission to add robots from Robot Wars or BattleBots at the moment.

3. Making robots quicker is a matter of gearing, balance, friction, motor selection.  All of this is up to you.  We are attempting to make the game as physically realistic as possible.  I recommend looking at to see how motor selection, gearing, and weight affect acceleration and top speed.

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You might be able to find older versions floating around, but we are trying to keep older versions out of circulation.  It makes troubleshooting and communication impossible when people are on two different versions.

As far as reverting stuff goes, the plan right now is to get as realistic a motor model as possible.  For the next build I'm hoping to have a fairly complete motor model in place, with correct torques, speeds, currents, and motor heating taken into account.  The heating model is pretty basic, but it will allow you to do things like overvolting a motor (common for heavyweights).  The tradeoff for this is that the more you push a motor beyond its specifications, the faster it will heat up.

From a player's point of view this means most of the motors are going to see a significant increase in starting torque from their current values.  Instead of being capped at a "max torque", the starting torque and current will be significantly higher than the rated value, but will only occur for a fraction of a second.  Brushless motors will still be current-limited by their Brushless ESCs.  If you want huge starting torques, brushless motors might not be the best choice.

We hope so!  We’re working hard to make it as accurate a robot combat simulator as we can.

Undo button is on the list.  The arena builder is a work in progress.  Work is slow right now due to the coronavirus impact on the dev team members.

We have been heading in a different direction for decorations.  We might be removing the painting system from the game altogether.  For now, people have been using tinted shapes.

Agreed.  For now, if it is a real life motor (i.e. the Motenergy 0708), you can look up the torque and speed characteristics of the motor online.  Eventually we are going to need to make the numbers visible to the players.

Great question!

It is already added.  Just pull the pulley out and the belt will lengthen automatically.

Working on that over the next few days.  I just finished a lightweight competition and have a bunch of real-life energy numbers that I can compare to damage.  I’m planning to use these numbers to tweak the in-game damage model.

Fixing on the next build!

You are amazing.  Thank you!

Maybe someday I can fulfill my dream of porting our game from Unity to C3 for WebGL. :)

Great work here!  I've been looking for a replacement for Construct 2's Q3D plugins and behaviors.

How do you feel about trying to match the Q3D feature set?

That's weird.

Regardless, the robots that are currently there are just placeholders and prototypes.  We will be reconstructing all of the preexisting robots with robots that are built in the workshop.  Expect the robots to go away and be replaced over the next year.

Spinners should spark when they hit the floor, but we haven't gotten that far yet. :)

By any chance did the 08January build fix the problem?

That’s correct. We haven’t started in damage computation yet. I’m still working on spinner impulse response. Once that is ready I can make a start at damage. It will probably be several months before we are satisfied with it.

This was a poorly implemented bug fix to try to solve a problem when all of the components were broken off of an axle.  For some reason a substantial amount of mass was left behind.  I just wrapped up the finishing touches on an improved bug fix that doesn't rip off the whole motor in the process of getting rid of the axle's mass.

The new fix should be up shortly...

Working on it!  Damage is a long process.  I need to figure out spinner “bite” so that we can get damageable chassis plates working.  After that will be puncture damage.  Polycarbonate needs to handle punctures and spinner damage differently than UHMW, for example.  Once all of the mechanics are in place it will take a while to tweak all of the numbers.

Gotcha!  We are putting zero development time into the prebuilt robots.  They aren’t currently built using the robot workshop, and will need to be redone once the workshop is ready.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.  We haven’t touched the flipper mechanics in a while.  

At some point we will go back and sort out pneumatics, but motor driven flippers work pretty well now.

Hmm.  Interesting.  The tools on the workbench should be to scale.  Also, the chassis shape grid is a 1 meter square.

I found the source of the problem, and should be able to put out a fix today.  There was some errant code in the flame pit that was directly changing the health of a component every tick, rather than going through the takeHeat() method.

We're still in the process of reworking damage, and this was a super-helpful catch.  Thank you!