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Probably my last comment for now, the way the spinner blur works at the moment rather ruins the appearance of all but the simplest spinners.

UPDATE: On a related note, I'm trying to make a motor powered axe, and the bot keeps bouncing into the air. When the blur happened in testing, I eventually realised the game's reading it as a spinner, and doesn't seem to like the floor to enter the area through which the "spinner" would rotate if it went the full circle.

I think I found a temporary solution for the hammer. If you attach a wheel to the motor/belt/chain, and then attach the hammer to the said wheel, it should fix your issue. I accidently found that out, and I don't know how or why it fixes the issue, but it does.

The physics issue with the cylinder collider not being disabled at low speeds should be fixed on this upcoming build.

I did some major tweaking on the visuals for the blur cylinder as well.  It should look a lot better.  Let me know what you think when the new build comes out!  (hopefully today or tomorrow...)

I love the new spinner physics, but the blur cylinder - while cool for bars - isn't so good for flywheels or drums.

Overall a big improvement though. :)