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I built a replica of Razer (technically series 2, no wings) in the previous version. Do you have any plans for hydraulics in future versions, and/or for crushing damage? If I can figure out how to find it in the file structure I could send you the bot if you like - probably once I update it to belt drive - as a pre-built sort of test bed for that sort of thing.

Speaking of sending bots, the Stinger replica I built has a tendency to wreck itself by swinging its mace, might be useful to look at what physics are in play there? My other thwackbots don't have that problem.

UPDATE: Stinger doesn't actually break itself on the damage system in the new build, so I was able to see what was happening. You'll probably find it useful to know that right now a small enough object doesn't have to hit the floor all that fast to clip through it.

This is something that I have struggled with.  I can switch collision modes on high-speed objects, but the other collision modes are causing all sorts of instability as well.  Let me poke into this some more...