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I know this is late and you probably have found a solution that works for you, but if not here is only the relevant part of the camera movement which is contained in the player script:

var viewport : Viewport
var viewport_center : Vector2
var target_direction : Vector2
onready var camera := get_node("Offset/Camera")
func _ready():
     viewport = get_viewport()
     viewport_center = viewport.get_visible_rect().size/2
func _process(delta):
    # get direction from center of the screen to current mouse position
    var direction = viewport.get_mouse_position() - viewport_center
    # remap value range to 0-1
    direction = direction/viewport.get_visible_rect().size.x
    # lerp to add delay and bounds to camera movement
    target_direction = lerp(target_direction, Vector2(direction.x, clamp(direction.y, -1, 0)), delta*10)
    # movement inversions transfrom in local space
    camera.transform.origin.x = target_direction.x
    camera.transform.origin.y = -target_direction.y

You basically take the center point of the screen and lerp the camera position to current mouse position with a clamp that defines your bounds. The relative camera position must be at (0,0,0) for it to work.

Hope that helps,


Fluid movement gives me hope that this will be awesome once it's finished! Please allow me to pet the dog when the game comes out, I will add that to my game aswell when the jam is over!

Yes that's because the game gives too much ammo since there is a bug that allows you to pick up ammo more than once.

That will be in the patch, don't worry.

I love it. It has an upbeat and fun atmosphere and I would suggest a cancel or back button. Also the battle points dont save to the next fight which made me sad since I to save them. The last feedback I can give is that the music in the end while beautiful is rather ominous if not sad/creepy. Other than that very enjoyable! Well done!

Very nice idea with the faces of the die being slots to equip. I also like that you are invincible however I felt like I wasn't really in control of the dice (hitting it from one side didn't necesarily push it the other direction) but that is a minor issue, but maybe make them lighter so that they roll for longer?

Hey cool entry! Since the screenshot you posted reminded me of Fire Embem I thought let's check it out and I was pleasantly suprised! Very simple but that makes it easy to understand and think more about how much you would want to spend or if you're feeling lucky.

Nice aesthetic and a good concept + cute characters. I'm glad that I was invincible so I could just roam around and explore a bit, made it very relaxing.

Haha, same!

Great Idea, my favourite part was throwing the dice. So satisfying!

I really like the movement of the hands. Feels very zombie horde like and they are not just moving to your position. Add some juicy soundeffects and I'd be satisfied!

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How did you manage to submit one day early?! And it's an awesome game with amazing visuals and addicting gameplay? Kudos, indeed! I just read some earlier comments and saw you mentioned updating the game to the last half hour, good idea to start submitting early.

It's a cute game and I had fun playing! My feedback would be that the main mechanic seemed redundant/without impact esp. for speed witch starts at 50. Also I would suggest favouring the positive upgrades over the negative ones since humans usually remember negative things longer and can't estimate their chances unbiased. So maybe display 50/50 but actually do 60/40 or even more. Helps with players not getting frustrated thinking they are on a loosing streak.

Really reminds me of betting in roulette and hoping for a good outcome, but I like that you can influence it a bit. However I encountered a bug I think where you can put cards behind the characters, which eat your input keeping you from picking the card up again forcing me to restart. Still, really creative and fun!

Really nice idea and visuals! I would like to see an endless mode that isn't as stressful.

Wow now I am terrified. Very good emotional roller coaster even though the dialog was a tad strange.

Good work on the presentation! I would have definitly needed a tutorial before playing though it was fun!

Hilarious title card, was worth to check it out for that alone!

Nice! with enough trial and error I was able to finish it ;)

That has to be one of the best displays of squash and stretch in this jam! The game is a bit difficult in my opinion, but I had fun.

We used the same music :) Regardless nice and juicy feedback!

What I wanted to do was add a train in the background that brings barrels or announces that new enemies will pop up. I'll probably work on the game in my freetime a little to have that feature. Also a tutorial would be nice. If I had more time I would add a little story that explains everything, but in general I agree.

Yeah, there is a bug in the submission that allows you to pick up Ammo more than once, I've already fixed it but alas no patches :(

short and sweet!

Soo cute but why did they lock Rolly up :,(

I know it is top down but I wish I could see the sides of the die, because tbh I (and pobably a lot of other people) don't know the layout of a 6 sided dice from memory. Otherwise fine work indeed!

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Really cute and readable animations however I could stand outside of the aggro range of the enemies and just hit them without them being triggered. Others mentioned the visibility of UI and that the game is really small. However the idea and the main character is great!

I just read the other comments that already mentioned everything I have to complain about😅

I gotta say this looks very unique and has an art style that really works.  I really hope that it gets finished sooner than later :)

Amazing how much content there is, and such high quality!

It's an awesome game with a lot of potential. I wish there was a sound for picking up objects , because sometimes I wasn't quite sure if I got the coins, etc. And maybe a inverted up down option for controls would be cool. But the presentation is very beautiful indeed!

I agree spamming is an issue (as well as other bugs), and I want to make some changes once the rating period is over, thank you for the feedback!


You my guy just opened my eyes! I will definitly add that to the description.

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Thank you for playing! It slows down over time and when you press right mouse button to keep it in place. After letting go of RMB it gets a small impulse again, increasing the speed. Glad you had fun!

Hey sorry for the late reply, but the game uses the URP. The shader for the water was made in Shadergraph based on aniruddhahars work. Here's a link:

Hope that helps, and I wish you a wonderful day!

Thanks for the directions!

It got really interesting once the party split. I didn't know at first that eating different fruit meant different party members.

Very nice game but kinda difficult to find the right way. I didn't find the miniboss :(

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I really got the feeling of playing with somebody else even though it was just my input several seconds ago which was really unique. Never played anything like it!