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No solo mode but 2+ works great. 

Welcome to the world if tabletop games! 😀

Up to 6 players at a time, and it is GM-less

I'm so glad! If you have people that you want to try it, the text only version will always be free. I hope it provides people in your life some extra insight.

I'm so glad you liked it!

Thank you! That is exactly what I was going for.

If they do, I hope it helps. 💖

Thank you for organizing this.

Thank you!

You know, I was working on this off and on for months, and I never thought about using it as a way to flesh out a character. I love that idea! I also would love to see people repurpose/remix this idea for other neurodivergencies.

Yeah, my primary audience for the game has always been those without ADHD to help them understand what it's like. Most of the ADHD effected people that playtested the game had a similar experience, myself included. I found it emotionally draining, but there were some with ADHD that didn't have that reaction. I think it depends on how ADHD presents in the person.

If you have anyone in your life who has difficulty understanding what you go through, pass this along to them. I hope it helps if you do. 🙂

I totally understand where you are coming from. I primarily wrote it to help others experience what it is like living with ADHD and do so without the memes and stereotypes. I have had several people with ADHD play it and not have a hard time, but when I played it I found it to be extremely emotionally draining for me. Please remeber to not over do it if you do try it. Also, feel free to pass it along to someone who might want/need to see things from a different perspective. :D

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I have a solo journaling game that I have been working on for a while and I just released it. Would this count for the jam? I'll remove it if it's an issue at all.

Thanks for letting me know about it! I probably will. :)

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Soft Focuses

This is a journaling game about dealing with ADHD. At the end of every night you write a journal entry about a fictionalized version of yourself. They have attempted the same things you have throughout the day, but usually with very different results. Create stats for this new version of yourself and roll on modifier tables to see how different your day might have been.

This game is about trying to see our daily lives through others' experiences. As such, try to keep an open mind and be as caring for this "other you" as you can be. I also acknowledge that everyone's experiences are different and my experience with ADHD is not necessarily the experience of others. I have worked with others to help account for this and wish to be as inclusive as I can be with this game.

I have community copies up and the text only version of the game is completely free.

This is such a great way to approach character creation!

Thanks! The blank one is actually my favorite part. Allows it to be customized to whatever you works for you. 😁

Oh! I see that myself now. Well, you can edit right after the voting is done. My understanding is we should have enough time for that once the games that are going to be included have been announced.

You should be able to edit your file locally and then reupload it. You can go to "edit game" from the dashboard and change the file there. I have had to do this a number of times. 😅

This is such a great idea. And the design is amazing!

This is great and the layout is just... *chef's kiss*

One of the things I like is how it could be used as something cathartic (hey, mourning a place is REAL), or something more lighthearted (a group of transplants reminiscing is a very common thing in my experiance). Great job!

This is a great idea for smaller more personal story creation. I love it.

The theming of this is so good and I love that you can play it over text.

I like the use of candles as a game mechanic. Using them as your only light source would heighten the tension as the game progresses and cause real panic as they start to go out on their own in longer game.

As someone from a small town in Alaska who finally managed to escape, this hits very close to home.

I love this. Who doesn't want to to be a queer anti-capitalist frog in a close-knit community...

Thanks! I've been thinking about writing a couple of "modules" for it to help in that way. Kind of like example adventures. :)

You have been extremely helpful and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

I really appreciate how you are approaching this and might consider submitting now, but will need to think about it. It seems like you are planing to start the Kickstarter before the switch to Blockchain occurs? Is there a way for those participating to have a rough idea of when you are thinking of starting the Kickstarter project?

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I appreciate your choice to be upfront about this, but I don't think I can submit my games for this reason. I totally understand the position you are in and will submit if the situation changes.

On this front, I assume you have explored other funding platforms, but have you looked into GameFound? I have not had much opportunity to research them, but they seem like a viable alternative.

If an A4/Letter sized game is selected, would the creator have the opportunity to reformat it to the appropriate size?

Thank you so much! I hope you have a great time with it. :)

Thanks! I'm really glad so many people have enjoyed it. 😁

This looks great, I love the possibility of play by mail. Also very relevant. 🙂