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Hey How to play this? Where is the menu? 

Hey Videos of your game you have ? 

The game has improved a lot since first version, and it's funnier and has better graphics and so.....

Looks very interesting

Game is about strategy and stealth good if you wanna sit down and relax a while.


So I have my game right it is basically a installer, I have the itch client and I hit install ok everything fine, but when its installed it fails to run it it says an error occurred when trying to run gladiators of the arena

A demo of the game would be cool out there to give it a taste.

Ok thank you a lot leafo! will do 

Runescape is pretty fine

So basically I google itch io gladiators of the arena but I can't find my website any ideas? 

So I want to make a buy button widget in a forum , like make it appear like a buy from itch io, any ideas on how to ?

ok thank you I found it and I've seen I linked the right one

Where does the money go ? what do I have to do in order to recive the money ?  maybe link paypal acoound somewhere? 

Is it via Email? if it's via email how do I change the email ? 

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Hey I have problem when pushing, it shows me error, could you set an example of a windows push command line?

It says error api error.

This is the screenshot

Hi we tried to sell the game from itch io but since you can only upload max 500 mbs we can't since the game it's almost 1 gb.