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Need more sace to upload in order to sell game.

A topic by creativeoven created Feb 28, 2017 Views: 310 Replies: 4
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Hi we tried to sell the game from itch io but since you can only upload max 500 mbs we can't since the game it's almost 1 gb.

Is it possible to split it up so that you can just have an installer that requires you to download two parts? Just a thought.


Hey there, please use to upload the game.

It'll let you upload as much as 32GB, and provides a better experience for users (incremental patching, integrity verification, etc.)

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Hey I have problem when pushing, it shows me error, could you set an example of a windows push command line?

It says error api error.

This is the screenshot

The target is: user/game:platform

In your case, the correct target would be creativeoven/gladiators-of-the-arena-:windows-beta

However, I recommend stripping the last (-) from the project URL (in 'Edit game' page) so that it becomes creativeoven/gladiators-of-the-arena:windows-beta :)

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