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Ned Kelly - Armored Outlaw

A topic by Tobop Productions created Aug 13, 2018 Views: 684 Replies: 1
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The free prototype for my latest game is out now! (PC only at the moment)

(All of the links below go to youtube videos about the events. Some say he was a villain, other say he was a hero.) 
There are quite a lot of updates to come, but basically it's based on the true story of Ned Kelly, in Australia in the 1880s - mainly the last stand in Glenrowan (which is actually where the game begins - the game will be alternate history based). More information about the events, here.  

(Image not used in the game.) 

I've known about this historical event for ages but I never really understood the details until about a year ago when I went full into the details, and looked up all sorts of information about what happened and why - and into all sorts of random bits of information. One which I do not know yet, is - was Ned wearing gloves? Some depictions (such as the one above) indicates yes, while others indicate no. 

The prototype is only 1 level. There are certainly more to come. Many updates, and functions to implement. 

Please enjoy, or laugh me off the internet. If you really enjoyed it, please consider pre-paying - as it will help me out a lot.

Looks very interesting

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