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Sent a request to the support team :)
Thank you for the help!

I bet this is an issue that might have popped up already, but I couldn't find an answer, so here I am asking :)

Is it possible, or are there any plans to make the project ownership transferable?
I know that now projects support multiple admins, but the url of the project will always and only include the name of the user that created the project page... and as far as I know, this is not transferable.

Here's an example scenario that I'm sure other user encountered as well: you start working on a game, and you create a project on your own account, then it gets a bit more serious and you form a team with other people to continue development, so you create a team page and you add it to the project admins... the project url though still contains the name of the user who first created it (, while you would like to have the team name instead (

This I think is a project ownership issue, and for now the only way you can achieve that is to create a new project with the account you want in the url, and delete the old one... the thing is, this might mean losing comments and even purchases, or is there another way to do it?

Sorry from me as well, I solved it, and the reason was pretty easy, though it might still leave some space for improvement in the website UI...
When using a slow connection to upload a GIF, it might take a while (and with "a while" I mean even several minutes) for the new image to be displayed and, as apperently it only gets saved right after displaying, if someone reloads the page or tries to upload it again in the meantime as the website gives no feedback for the upload process it will break everything and stop the upload.

One quick solution I would suggest is to improve the visual feedback on the image upload so that the user knows that things are still going on :)

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Of course, still no effect

EDIT: changes to other fields apply correctly

I'm talking about changing though, not setting when creating a new project... I wanted to change the cover image of a project but the "replace" button seem not to save the operation :(

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As the title says, I can't seem to be able to change the cover (or even remove the currently set one) of a project I already created... any clue? :D

I'm using itch from the browser (Opera/Chrome)

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Of course, and I did :) I was just wondering if there was any way of not having to reset the download counter when starting to use the butler, as builds get added on new channels.

So, I'm integrating the butler pipeline in my game project, but I already have some builds updated frun the browser that have several hundreds donloads... Now i would like to be able to push to those containers with the butler, so I can deliver the update to whoever donwloaded the game, but it seems to me that this is impossible... or not? :D