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Transfer project ownership

A topic by crdmrn created Jan 15, 2018 Views: 2,006 Replies: 2
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I bet this is an issue that might have popped up already, but I couldn't find an answer, so here I am asking :)

Is it possible, or are there any plans to make the project ownership transferable?
I know that now projects support multiple admins, but the url of the project will always and only include the name of the user that created the project page... and as far as I know, this is not transferable.

Here's an example scenario that I'm sure other user encountered as well: you start working on a game, and you create a project on your own account, then it gets a bit more serious and you form a team with other people to continue development, so you create a team page and you add it to the project admins... the project url though still contains the name of the user who first created it (, while you would like to have the team name instead (

This I think is a project ownership issue, and for now the only way you can achieve that is to create a new project with the account you want in the url, and delete the old one... the thing is, this might mean losing comments and even purchases, or is there another way to do it?


If you contact support we can transfer a game. There may be some complications with pending payouts and purchases for paid games, so we prefer to handle it manually. 

Sent a request to the support team :)
Thank you for the help!

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