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Cow Eggs

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Oh hi!

Cool concept and love the hand drawn style!

One of my favourite games so far. The art is awesome and the polish is done so well. Especially love the death sound :)

This game is really awesome! I would make the environment a bit darker so you would have to rely more on the storm but other than that great game!

Such a great game. Can't believe it but full stars for this one. Great Job!

Really really polished game!! The sound effects are really cool, though the difficulty is kinda hard at the start

This game is so polished and the art is so good! Great Job!

This is one of those games were you keep playing after the end! Good job!

Very fun and addictive game! Good job!

Cool, I'll definitely give it a shot. Thanks!

The artsyle is really neat, and the game has lots of polish. Great Game!

This game has really cool sprites! The movement is a bit unresponsive though.. Anyways good job on making a game in 3 hours!

A bit tricky to start off with but is really fun once you get the hang of it. The sprites are really awesome too!


Yep. Covering one would probably be ideal, and maybe using the bush at a spawnpoint. Anyways thanks for playing!

Good job to you to!

Thanks. It makes me so happy people are enjoying my creations!

Thanks, I should of probably added a tutorial with my spare time. The bush isn't really that important anyway!

The game looks beautiful. I'd never be able to do anything close to this

The game is really fun and polished really well. Good Job on your game!

Hi :D Thanks for playing my game. I'll watch your stream.

Really fun game. All the art and music was amazing. I especially liked the difficulty select screen / pizza select screen. I also really like the detail on the page like the news article on the corner and your steam page :D It took me a long time to actually find out what to do though :/ I didn't know which house it was going to until after like 3 rounds.

Thank you for playing :D Didn't have any time to make audio :/ The sword was intentionally made to disappear, and swords would spawn throughout the boss battle. After hitting it with seven swords, you would defeat it. Thanks again for the Feedback :D

Thank You for your Feedback :D Just to clear up a few things, the light was supposed to light up the house. However, there was a glitch were once you pick it up, the house automatically opens, where you were supposed to talk the the NPC next to the house first. Not sure about the water as a camera though :/ Since I didn't have much time, I couldn't add all the juice and feedback. I'll try and focus on it a bit more next time :D

(Note: it had 7 hit points and a sword does 1)

Thank You :D I only had like 2 days so I didn't have the time to add music :/

Thank You :D I'll keep that in mind next time.

Thanks :D Maybe I should make add a respawn point or something.

Thank You :D

Thank you :D Couldn't fit everything in the time frame I was given lol

Thanks :D

Thanks :D I didn't have time to add audio lol :/

Lol this game is really popular on the game jam page bc of ur community posts.

Really fun game. The graphics were awesome and the audio was great too. I didn't have any trouble with the difficulty though. The only thing I have to say is that I usually use the spacebar to jump, so it was hard getting used to it. It's a small problem though, overall nice game :D

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Not sure if will work in your case but changing the compression type in project settings > player to 'disabled' would fix it. This has worked for most of my games.