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I was trying out parsec for the first time, and most of the games we tried were lame or didn't work without a gamepad, but this game works like a charm!

The four game modes are simple fun and once you've tried each, you can mix and match them to make more complicated games.

One bug report: when you unlock custom mode or a new rule for it, you have to press "A" on the gamepad to proceed. But there is no equivalent button for the keyboard. We didn't have a gamepad, so we had to close the game each time we unlocked a rule.

You'd play it over Parsec, which is a software that lets someone else pilot your computer over the internet.

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No worries. I got it from the racial justice bundle.

You could use a regular filter to apply a colour over everything, but this would allow lights from the left to only light up the exposed left faces of the sprite.

Oooh, this technique can also be used to apply dynamic lighting effects, underwater desaturation, glowing parts that stand out in fog, etc.

Hi, I downloaded the game again and am getting the same error. I looked into the files and there is no file at this location, so perhaps that's missing from the executable?

This game gives the players much more narrative power than most games. It's good about enumerating the domains where players have infinite narrative power, and where they must look to the game master.

I've been wanting to run games in a "Forgetful Sci-Fi Trolls" setting, and I'm happy to finally find a rules system that works well for it.

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Note: there is another Trophy Dark incursion in the racial justice bundle, that includes the basic rules required for play, for those who don't want to buy  ($7) Trophy Dark before playing.

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Unfortunately, the most recent update has the same behaviour on my computer (see above specs)
the 'created' date of this build is May 4, while that of the ZIP is May 11. Perhaps you zipped the old build?

When I checked "Get Info" it is already in low-res mode, and that setting is mandatory.

I have a black window with no graphics. 

macbook pro
OS: 10.14
Display: Retina 2880x1800
2 graphics options: [ Intel HD graphics 4000, built in to CPU] [ NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M ]

Bug on start (mac OS 10.14 Mojave, which is pre-Catalina)

$ /Users/covertoperator/Downloads/ ; exit; 
Mono path[0] = '/Users/covertoperator/Downloads/' 
Mono config path = '/Users/covertoperator/Downloads/' 
Player data archive not found at `/Users/covertoperator/Downloads/`, using local filesystem 
Abort trap: 6 
Saving session... 
...copying shared history... 
...saving history...
truncating history files... 
[Process completed]

Abort Trap: 6 is the important part, I think. An error code or something. I can do testing on request.


I love this game but I've only been able to play single player in the pandemic. Is there a community for this game?

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Does not work for me either, on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave).

I determined that the start script (Mac_Runner) is the broken file. But it's broken in a way I cannot attempt to repair. MacOS can't even open it in a text editor!

I got it to work.
Go to the app (not the launcher) and right cilck > show package contents

Then go to the MacOS folder and open the Luna executable

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That seems to be the first step in one of the progressions. If you try dying a few times after reading the book, you'll notice that the experience is different.

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I have the same issue. The camera cannot move beyond the range of -90 to 90 in any direction, using auto-targeting or manual. I cannot see the asteroid in mission two. It is stressful.

edit: I see you answered this below. I wasn't able to it.. what coordinates should it say on the screen when I am looking at the collision location?

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Good: Evocative gameplay. Minimalist text-adventure style inspires imagination. Easy to explore and have fun without much risk of dying. World Building is pleasant with just enough detail; I'm taking inspiration for running sci-fi tabletop RPGs.
Bad: Little to no agency as a player. Control scheme (clicking on small buttons) is annoying.

Follow the author on, by the button in the top right.

Yeah! Is there a newsletter where I can be notified of the full version?

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Here's some additional instructions:

Water occupies the entire accessible area, and it can go through every tile type except Trees (it can go through the Farm tile, despite what the tutorial claims).

Water does not travel diagonally. Farms and Villages cannot connect to each other if the path is blocked by trees, and they cannot follow a path diagonally.

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In the download, I get the app, and I get a ""

LWS Launcher throws an error when I run it, "" is damaged and can't be opened.

But I can run the app just fine on its own. It opens to the menu and I can click on Mercury, but when I get to the level select screen, clicking on a level doesn't do anything (besides play a 'click' sound).

MacOS 10.14.6 running on a Macbook Pro from mid 2012.

Graphics cards are: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1 GB, and Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB

I know I didn't give many compliments, but I do think highly of the devs. They asked for criticism, and I like to be concise.

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I did not really enjoy this on its own, but I can see groundwork building up a to a great full version. (mild spoilers)

The graphics are good. The VN parts show emotion in the classic manga way, but don't go over the top. I like that.

Billing this as a puzzle is a bit of a stretch. The items gathering part was close to a puzzle, but didn't give you much information, so it didn't even feel like a problem-solving exercise. It felt like "interact with all the things and then move on."

I enjoyed the beginning of the part where it brought up what Kat's disappearance would mean for others, but there was no bite to the insult because (regardless of the canon), it didn't feel to me that Kat got herself into this situation. I would rework this part to include Kat hurting/insulting her [spoiler], and didn't get to apologize for. Bonus if she finds out that part of the ritual caused the hurt in the first place. Then you can add introspection later where Kat realizes what she should have done differently, and grows out of her immature mischievousness.

Rating of this short version is 4/10, but if this game gets a full version, I expect I'd give it 6/10.

If the creator doesn't answer, here's the typical answer: One license per game studio/company. Can be used in any of that studio's projects, but not transferred to another studio.

BTW the product page has a typo - "do you bidding" should be "do your bidding."

Parsec lets you tunnel your desktop to other people. It work well for any game that isn't based on reaction time.

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The visuals and panel layout are a masterpiece!
Dino is a fun foil. I like how ze teases Avery for chickening out on something that ze can't do anyway.
I enjoyed the worldbuilding, but there is not enough 'show, don't tell.' in this first episode. Especially the reference to 'clicks,' would be improved by just integrating the money context into the dialog. For example, Avery: "five clicks was a lot of money for us back then!"
I had trouble reading the font, though it got easier by the end. I also would have preferred an e-reader layout as opposed to the print layout.

Hi, there's a bug: if a tree grows downwards, and a branch begins growing below ground level, then you get an error: attempted to index a null value.

The levels are puzzle-like, but have a tense/action feeling that you don't find in puzzle games. Overall I enjoyed playing the game and seeing the characters succeed.

The writing was tense and conveyed the emotions of the protagonist in a way that matches up with how you feel after completing each level. However, the story was not engaging because the characters only have goals, not personality.

I felt really cool using the terminal interface, as it had some unique communication things in the beginning, and the parts where your platform is hacked, are surprising. Unfortunately, they didn't use it as much as I expected. This made the typing-to-interact interface a little annoying at the end.

On my computer, the .app works fine without the Itch launcher. I'm using MacOS Mojave 10.14.6