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New macOS build issues on retina

A topic by frarees created May 04, 2021 Views: 328 Replies: 5
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Input seems to work fine (i.e. I can drag the paus where they should be rendered), but either render is not scaled, or the window is getting double the size.

Same issue here, not on Retina I think.

I have a black window with no graphics. 

macbook pro
OS: 10.14
Display: Retina 2880x1800
2 graphics options: [ Intel HD graphics 4000, built in to CPU] [ NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M ]


I've updated the Mac build with i /think/ the right setting switched for this. I don't have a retina screen to test it on myself so sorry if it doesn't work and please let me know if there's still a problem!

(also according to some things i read you might be able to right click it and select "run in low resolution" to solve this too?)

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Unfortunately, the most recent update has the same behaviour on my computer (see above specs)
the 'created' date of this build is May 4, while that of the ZIP is May 11. Perhaps you zipped the old build?

When I checked "Get Info" it is already in low-res mode, and that setting is mandatory.

On the old build clicking "run in low resolution" worked for me! For others reading this, you have to "get info" and the "low resolution" box is there.

Apparently I have a retina monitor but I couldn't tell from looking at the About This Mac!