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Aw, thank!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! (Sorry for not replying earlier but my browser decided to take focus off the comment box with each keystroke.)

As you can tell I've been working on 2d movement for a while... a lot of this depends on the implementation I started with (the underlying model in Terminator is a lot different), but hopefully I'll be able to keep using some of the things in here about keeping track of things as you move around them, and get closer and nearer. (The code for moving around them was a lot of what I was adding just before the jam, because without that it's totally impossible to keep track of where things are.)

Done, thanks! On my laptop it's a bit ooky--if you scroll to the right you can see all the text but it's ugly, and the status line gets messed up. But it's better than it was, and I guess if it doesn't work people can go fullscreen, so it's better than before when it wouldn't work for anyone without fullscreen. Thanks again!

(Maybe we should beep the itch.io people about the color scheme for fullscreen?)

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Done, though it took a while to find it. (Didn't understand what it does, really; I thought, well, this isn't a Twine.... And it looks as though you have to click it after you start the game, or it'll give you the default Twine color-scheme? Ugh, that makes the source text unreadable.)