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(apparently there is an achievement for letting lots flee)

according to the folks on Discord, there's no trade-off

For what it's worth, I had my 1.0.3 file in Applications and when I unzipped the Beta it was automatically named "SliceAndDice 2" and wouldn't launch (even after I confirmed that I wanted to open an app from an unverified developer). I renamed the old app to "SliceAndDice 1.0.3" and the beta to "SliceAndDice" and then I could launch the beta.

lol I only got around to downloading 1.0.3 yesterday

Once you destroy the number, you can still do other things with row/column 0.

This was great!

On the old build clicking "run in low resolution" worked for me! For others reading this, you have to "get info" and the "low resolution" box is there.

Apparently I have a retina monitor but I couldn't tell from looking at the About This Mac!

Same issue here, not on Retina I think.

I don't know about a changelog, but the Mac version now has sound at least! Also it used to start with the same seed everytime and now doesn't.

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Thanks! Since I don't have a Steam key, I guess that means I have to use the app?

...or I could just unzip the file in Applications instead of Downloads! Looks like that solved the problem! Thanks so much!

I've just started playing on MacOS and it looks like all my starting weapons and armor are coming up as "invalid blueprint." There's a screenshot of my inventory below (I think I also had a robe; when I equipped it my torch unequipped).

This happened on both the beta and non-beta versions.

Is there a simple fix I can do for this?


secret way to access the final level????

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ooh well given the one I got I owe some people a meowpology!

Meow! Is there more than one ending?

You know, I realized what would probably have helped me with the doors issue--when a door is first crafted, make it closed by default. Then you have to open it to go through it, and you know doors must be open and closed.

Emerald Woods community » Stories · Created a new topic lovely

Just spent a nice couple hours with this game. Once I figured out a way to keep myself above water (it turns out you need to close doors for them to keep animals out) it was very relaxing--even before then. I'm glad the threat level isn't high. The sound is great, which may be the first time I've said that about a roguelike (the door opening and closing is very satisfying for some reason).

Some people have talked about the directional controls I think, and it does seems as though it's impossible to plant on some squares (I can't face them without moving on them). Also catching animals can be fiddly--maybe moving onto an animal should automatically catch it.

I haven't found much in the way of buildings--the berry forest behind a cave is my big discovery--but that's OK, I don't need a big goal in this game.

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm using Mac OS X 10.14.6. When I double-click on legerd_mac.command (in the version bundled with GRE) I get this in the Terminal window:

/Users/mcweiner/Downloads/legerd1.1.0-cd-manifest/Legerdemain/legerd_mac.command ; exit;
MacBook-Air:~ mcweiner$ /Users/mcweiner/Downloads/legerd1.1.0-cd-manifest/Legerdemain/legerd_mac.command ; exit;
Error: Could not find or load main class legerd.TheApp
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: legerd.TheApp

There are some .jar files I have that I can run so Java isn't completely not working on my computer, but I don't know how things work with the specific JRE. (It looks as though the jre folder has one for linux and one for win32, but not for OS X--is the linux JRE also used for OS X?)

It's also possible that I might be able to use Wine to run the .bat file, if I can work that out.

Cheers again!

Good to see this updated--my old version has pretty much broken!

I can't seem to run this, though. It looks like it's expecting a file called legerd.TheApp that it can't find?

Aw, thank!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! (Sorry for not replying earlier but my browser decided to take focus off the comment box with each keystroke.)

As you can tell I've been working on 2d movement for a while... a lot of this depends on the implementation I started with (the underlying model in Terminator is a lot different), but hopefully I'll be able to keep using some of the things in here about keeping track of things as you move around them, and get closer and nearer. (The code for moving around them was a lot of what I was adding just before the jam, because without that it's totally impossible to keep track of where things are.)

Done, thanks! On my laptop it's a bit ooky--if you scroll to the right you can see all the text but it's ugly, and the status line gets messed up. But it's better than it was, and I guess if it doesn't work people can go fullscreen, so it's better than before when it wouldn't work for anyone without fullscreen. Thanks again!

(Maybe we should beep the people about the color scheme for fullscreen?)

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Done, though it took a while to find it. (Didn't understand what it does, really; I thought, well, this isn't a Twine.... And it looks as though you have to click it after you start the game, or it'll give you the default Twine color-scheme? Ugh, that makes the source text unreadable.)