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invalid blueprint for starting equipment on Mac?

A topic by mattweiner created Apr 25, 2021 Views: 209 Replies: 2
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I've just started playing on MacOS and it looks like all my starting weapons and armor are coming up as "invalid blueprint." There's a screenshot of my inventory below (I think I also had a robe; when I equipped it my torch unequipped).

This happened on both the beta and non-beta versions.

Is there a simple fix I can do for this?



Yeah, I had the same issue. Unfortunately, the only way I could get the game to run properly was if I downloaded the app and installed CoQ through there. I emailed the devs about it and they mentioned that the issue stems from permissions, for example that the account doesn't have enough permissions to the files for some reason, anti-virus is preventing the access, or the folder was unzipped into or from some sort of protected location like downloads. We weren't really able to come up with a solution, though.

But like I said, running the game through the itch app works fine. Same as with running it on steam.

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Thanks! Since I don't have a Steam key, I guess that means I have to use the app?

...or I could just unzip the file in Applications instead of Downloads! Looks like that solved the problem! Thanks so much!