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yeah just keep old things how they are i guess

yeah it was a small enough project that it felt reasonable to do that, i probably won’t for anything bigger.

yeah there’s some little animation and sound details, and a whole new mode

I've updated the Mac build with i /think/ the right setting switched for this. I don't have a retina screen to test it on myself so sorry if it doesn't work and please let me know if there's still a problem!

(also according to some things i read you might be able to right click it and select "run in low resolution" to solve this too?)

use a wand

updated: bug fix with wrongly detecting as being stuck sometimes

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updated with a few bug fixes and balance changes since the 7 days:

- if you win the game, remaining rings are worth 0.5 points each
- FAST: can take an instant step as well as instant attack, cost 0.5 rings
- BOUNCH: jump over enemies one by one
- DERVISH: attack one more tile but not through walls
- PHASER: can use to take a step through a wall without attacking
- hp changed a bit (there's not a 1hp hero giving unavoidable instant losses, but there's not the arbitrary healing from levelup either)

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yep sorry i've been dealing with a lot of stuff at the moment, i'll get to this soon!  meanwhile i've heard it works fine if you use WINE so at least that's an option :)

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i'm learning portuguese because i'm living in portugal, and i thought it would help if i wasn't switching back to english all the time  for work!

i don't think it matters a lot because no matter what the text says people learn games by experimenting and observing.  when i write game instructions in english people usually skip them anyway.  but if it's challenging for you: welcome to my life - this is a challenge i face all the time!  and i think it's been good for me to learn to accept not understanding everything.  i know it makes some people uncomfortable but maybe it's a good kind of uncomfortable?  i don't know for sure but i like having the freedom to try it out INDIE GAMES YEAH

to me it's more interesting to ID it by taking a risk and trying it out than to have a code for it.  but you can make a game too if you want!

yep i'll add that!  somehow i thought i'd already put in WASD and HJKL but this memory turns out to be false.  ty!

a couple of people have told me about a problem showing up on some macs where the game is only showing up in a quarter of the window!  i'm trying to figure out what's up!