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macos: problem with window size

A topic by smestorp created May 25, 2018 Views: 477 Replies: 9
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a couple of people have told me about a problem showing up on some macs where the game is only showing up in a quarter of the window!  i'm trying to figure out what's up!

Not sure if this is any use, but window size is not an issue for me on a 2015 MacBook Air (High Sierra 10.13.4). Thank you so much for the port: your recent games on iOS have been cruelly out of reach for me (I am an Android peasant) so I'm so glad to finally have the opportunity to play one! And it's fantastic!

Seems to be an issue related to retina screen resolutions, so that would make sense that a MacBook Air is unaffected. That would also explain the graphics showing up as exactly 1/4 of the window, because the retina screens render at 4x a non-retina screen.

having the same problem on my 2013 macbook pro (running latest osx)

Happens for me too. See NSScreen.backingScaleFactor. Very unpleasant to play without a fix for this. :-(

Actually unplayable because the mouse position is "correct" but the graphics are wrong.

I'm also having this problem. Lovely game, by the by.

Developer (1 edit)

yep sorry i've been dealing with a lot of stuff at the moment, i'll get to this soon!  meanwhile i've heard it works fine if you use WINE so at least that's an option :)

I'm using a Macbook Pro 2013 with High Sierra. The resolution is fine with fullscreen, but a little bit of the bottom is cut off when windowed. Fully playable at fullscreen

Here is a fix for this:

  • Select 'Cinco' in finder (If you're using the Itch app use the 'show local files' button)
  • Open the info box using File -> Get Info
  • Check 'Open in Low Resolution'

@smestorp I'm unsure if there is a way to distribute the application with this preselected