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 I'll note that it's polite to attribute the original author of a game if you're taking it as a template - I've probably unintentionally misstepped myself once or twice in this regard - it's not the end of the world.

Anyway, this game from 2021 is the source of the above game, though the levels are different: was pretty gnarly IIRC...

Excellent. And uppercase ẞ even!  Admirably contemporary!

move the window panes (black circles) onto the window holes (holes)

Nice of you to say :)


My flatmate always tells me when I mention this that the pan/oil/butter needs to be heated up more first, but it doesn't seem to make much difference....

Small but cute. Thanks for the nice game :)

terrible pun title of the week award :)

Level 2 is pretty amazing.

lol :)

I really enjoyed this.  A nice few levels, the puzzles were well-designed, the mechanisms were amusing.  Thank you for the fun time :)

This is a pretty cool mechanic - good level design on top of that too!

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I've had two days playing this with two other friends - we've made good inroads, and ... I'd normally wait until the end before reviewing a game, but one friend is heading away for a month so it'll be a while before we get back to it.  So just want to say, that this is a very silly thing that I've had two fun days with and expect to have more fund days with in the future :)  Thanks!

3 month update: still playing it sometimes! We've made lots of progress but are stuck on some bits!  Lots of very special moments.  Thanks! We'll figure it out!  

I have good daily keyword notifications for flickgame (and some other words), and your game came up :)


very good.

heheh :)

hahah, this was kinda fun :)  I enjoyed wrestling with all those Game Of Life monsters :)

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Oh I liked just playing through those levels - they weren't too tough for me - they didn't put up an enormous resistance, but ... it's hard to describe - I enjoyed flowing from one level to the next - seeing a level and - I guess I mean like enjoying manipulating the game elements, and the levels giving me a gentle environment in which to do that.  Thanks :)

Cute to see a variant on this - I had fun bopping about a few levels, feeling my way around :)

That was absolutey amazing.  I love how tactile and visceral it felt to play.  Thank you very much.  I also like that it was a kind of two-part puzzle (how to get one part over, then the other), and how nice and intuitive/non-janky the behaviour of the pieces was.  Very good.

Thank you for the nice game :)

Thanks for the very nice game :) I had LOTS more fun playing it than I had anticipated - games where you're controlling several characters in parallel often spiral out of control, but I'm impressed you managed to keep the difficulty/complexity in check, and I found myself being able to sit back and think "as a team". Very nice!

That was a super super super super nice level.  Thank you!

oh my gosh this is a very extravagant game. very nice! (still trying to get to the final checkpoint...)

I really enjoyed feeling my way around the levels - level 7 was fun to figure out - I think I'll need to give 8 another try when I've slept on it though.l Thanks for the nice game :)

Given the kind of mechanics you had in this game I was really worried the level design would end up being too gnarly/hard.  But actually you did nice things with it.  I think the 'teleport to target after fill' behaviour works well (or maybe you are just very good at designing levels with it ^^ ).  Generally impressed at how you managed to avoid levels that grind the player down. (I played up to level 10 and have enjoyed what I've played so far :) )

heheh :)

I *really* like how the trails work in this game.  More coherent visually than arrows on the ground (and powerful because of the weird diagonal intersections you can do), and less rigid than full-on trail tracks.  Level design seems really pleasant as well. I was expection super nasty levels but they're all really gentle/chill (I noped out around level 13 where there was some tricky puzzle with two pushers).  Really nice nice nice :) I think I'll give it a second session some time. Thanks!

Really nice and pretty original idea, combed with good level design. Thanks for the lovely time :)  Thanks!

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ah, sorry, X indeed doesn't do anything....I should remove that instruction.

Glad to hear that you liked it!

cute :)

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Your suggestion has been noted.  Thanks. :)

Hello, thanks for your suggestion.  An example of what?  Any particular things you were trying to learn that you couldn't?

thanks :)

Heheh. I'm not in the right head-space to get through the puzzles in it right now, but I am amused :)

Huh!  Seems like a bug in puzzlescript itself (or itch, maybe). I've made a note to look into it in puzzlescript at some point - [ ].  Thanks :)

nicely discovered!