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Nice of you to say, and thanks for letting me know it works in wine.  That's something good to know :)



Aha; nice of you to say :)

[ I have many other games, but not in - you can play them on  :) ]

pona a :)

Hi, sorry to hear you've had a bad time with the game.  IF you want to request a refund, contact support here :

(It might help to reference this post saying i recommended it).



(1 edit)

( Unity does cross-compiling though?  You're using some funky libraries, or your own compiled code? )


(you could allow pressing a keyboard button as an alternative? might be awkward to elegantly communicate though)

ah, I can't do right click while holding left click on my mac...

had fun, thanks! (didn't figure out how to unlock 18-20)

Nice font :)  In case you don't know, it has ü, but not äë and ß, which would be needed for German.

nice :)

I enjoyed this a bunch - nice level design!

what a nice selection of gentle puzzles :)

at the start i was a bit impatient about the text, but you managed to get me interested by the end - it did end suddenly, but I enjoyed what I played (once I got into it) :)

i got this strong sense that the character is just this tiny little guy doing his best to push these big ol' rocks around :)

oooh interesting idea! :D

i like the theming / story in this :)  (i stopped playing at the big internet maze)

there's something about how visually busy this is that I like (also I like the background music) - it feels really alive 

woah, the mix of pushable crates and destroyable vases is quite potent. nice idea! levels aren't bad either :)

this is a pretty common mechanic BUT for some reason here it feels really nice and fresh - great work on the styling/look+feel/puzzles/theming.

having the same problem on my 2013 macbook pro (running latest osx)

oh nice...

loves it


super nice. ty for the super nice game!

cool :)

wait nevermind :')

a level with 'table' can't be completed because there's a 'b' stuck in the corner?


For some reason I got crazy stuck when I played this when it came out.  Just got to the end now when I tried it again.  I  like it - it's very pretty!  Thank you for the lovely game!