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Huh!  Seems like a bug in puzzlescript itself (or itch, maybe). I've made a note to look into it in puzzlescript at some point - [ ].  Thanks :)

nicely discovered!

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Hello! No, I don't have any recollection of knowing reYal.  But yeah, funny that the presentation/concepts of the two are quite similar!

There's an old jam game by Notch (no longer online to my knowledge) I know about that's possibly a partial inspiration, where you were entering passwords on a keyboard, recursively (using arrow keys to move a finger around and pressing enter to press).

This is the game that sold me on Godot as a decent game engine ^^

Nice gentle puzzzles!

aaah my brain...

Oh this was fun (though I did get a bit overwhelmed with the complexity after a certain point) . Though Neko Puzzle is a very archetypical kind of puzzle-game in my brain, I haven't seen people play around with it like this before.  Good stuff! :)

Pretty cool idea :) Funny concept and interesting levels.  Thank you for the fun time!

cute :)

Thanks :)

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I've taken part in lots of game-jams in the past, though not here on itch.

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Yes.  I used to help host them regularly :). They can be good fun innit.

What pulchritudinous pullcrates!


Thank you for playing :)


Thanks for this

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Pretty fun and I think quite innovative also!

Ooh some really nice level-design here!  It feels like the sort of puzzle that could easy result in levels that are A Bit Much, but they seem so far (I'm not so far in) to be on the compassionate side, that let themselves be solved with a bit of thinking and manipulation 😅 Nice!

Cool idea :)  I got a bit scared in the level with three of them, but when I realized how they behaved it wasn't so scary.  Nice idea, and nice levels!  Thanks! :)

Nice.  First level was a very good first level.  I really enjoyed it - though if I were to criticise something, it'd be that in the middle it felt like it got a bit repetitive (though at least they weren't too hard, and that moving around in the rafts is basically fun :) ).  Anyway, on the whole I had a good time - thank you for the good time!

Those were pretty nice levels I gotta say.  Pipe games can be a lot, but I think you kept the levels high-concept / chain-reactioney enough that my brain was able to digest them. Nice!

OH gosh this is pretty big. Currently on 8 and feeling a bit overwhelmed (it's obvious why it was once the final level ^^ ), but I definitely had fun up to this point :)

This is a very lovely idea.  Thanks for the nice time :)

Cute!  Felt droddy :)  Level 8 was especially tricky for me for some reason.  Nice levels!

Ahaha.  Thematically very good fit ^^. Funny times!  I did, indeed, stop the war.

cute :)

Really nice! Lots of fun exploring of what's going on.  I'm not at the end yet, but have enjoyed what I played so far (just in the thick of gravity-flipping levels and my brain needs a break).

Thanks for the lovely game :)

Extravagant and delicious!

I won the demo!

What a lovely and original game.  I'm enjoying the level design a bunch!


Super super nice to explore! Thank you!

Scary Eyeball!

good game!

Hey; cool idea!

I didn't play all the way through, but would like to say that I really enjoyed the level with the elephant on top, cutout in the middle, and a single pillar/black wall piece at the bottom.  Thanks :)

hahahah.  Really tricksy level design.  Generally amused. I really enjoyed this (levels got a bit hairy eventually for me, a level with four matches and two sticks is where I called it a day).  [I would've preferred if the elephant's messages happened before the level rather than when you walk up to it - I find it quite jarring to suddenly see messages (triggering them accidentally), especially on repeated plays]



Didn't manage to make it to the end (in some tunnel with 2 horizontal winds and two vertical alternating spike sets and a pushable pillar) , but really enjoyed what I played.  Thanks for the lovely time :)