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Thanks for your feedback! You're right that there's one clear strategy, which makes the challenge to come up with one good word per level. My feeling right now is that it would be more fun to make doing that more challenging, rather than punishing it or rewarding shorter words, because shorter words are easier to think of.

Another take is that the game needs to make better use of each level, rather than asking you to do just one thing. Maybe I should make players collect keys rather than spelling words of a minimum length.

I see how you remixed Future Fish Food into this. Great idea! Looks and sounds amazing.

I think the real problem is I was on Windows but I had accidentally left my keyboard on a Mac setting, so the key codes were different. Or something. I'm trying it on a Mac in Safari now and it works, but now there's no sound. The joys of making web games...

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I'm having trouble figuring this game out. When I press a number key after gaining an ability, nothing seems to happen. What am I missing?

Healing potions don't work either. Maybe something is messed up with the number key bindings?

Hi, just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed playing this game. It's exactly the kind of thing that makes 7DRL great. Thank you for making it!

What are the differences between the 7DRL and post-7DRL versions?

As a massive Hitman fan, I love this. I think we made games with somewhat similar combat styles.

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I did eventually figure out the melee attack thing, but I'm still not able to get past the first level. I made it to level 3 by editing all the monster HP values to 1 but still died. :-(

The equation I can't solve is: melee attacks increase mana, but decrease HP, and enemies often seem to attack first even if I'm melee attacking them for their last hit point. It's only possible to increase HP using the darkness spell, which costs more mana than I get back when I kill an enemy. So I don't see how you could possibly run at an HP profit even when attacking weak enemies like slimes. And if you don't have any darkness essence at all, then it's impossible to regain HP, and you'll quickly be killed trying to melee attack things.

I love the concept behind this game, but I'm having trouble making it past the first level because I'm always out of MP and can't cast spells, and waiting doesn't seem to recharge it. Am I missing something?

I had the same problem and your solution worked for me. I hope you didn't change anything else with the standalone build because I'm trying to judge the 7DRL version. :-)

Gameplay tips in case you get stuck:

  • Use stun a lot. When I playtested, people really slept on this move, but it's essential to avoid taking too much damage.
  • Leg Sweep + Ground Takedown = OP
  • Super Dodge is great but has a 33% chance to damage you if the enemy is not stunned
  • Enemies have a 33% chance to fall down if they punch air
  • Gunfire draws a Bresenham line between the shooter and target. If any cell is blocked by a wall or enemy, the shooter will not fire.
  • The boss's gun is slightly buggy, and the "pre-shoot" icon will sometimes not appear, so you need to use the mouseover to check the cooldown.
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Is the green T character supposed to be a treasure? I stand on it and press 'g' but nothing happens.

I've been sailing around for 30 minutes but haven't figured out how to find a single treasure yet, even though I think I'm in roughly the right place. Is the goal to make the stars in the sky look exactly like what's on the map? Can multiple constellations use the same letter?

Is there supposed to be a health bar? I'm using an ultra-widescreen monitor and I don't see one, and I can't figure out why I die sometimes when attacking.

I can help you out if you need it. DM me on Twitter (same username) if you like.

Your binary lists compatibility with Linux and Mac, but only includes a Windows executable.

I found a bug. You can still click the Play button when you lose even though it looks disabled, and it puts the game in a bad state.

It's OK if you update the game after the deadline to fix it. :-)

Doesn't seem to run in Firefox. :-(

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On macOS Catalina I get an error trying to open the Mac build:

BrogueCE+HR cannot be opened because of a problem.

> Check with the developer to make sure BrogueCE+HR works with this version of macOS. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and macOS.

Based on the garbage dumped in, it looks like it's trying to access a file on the disk that it isn't allowed to access without some kind of entitlement.

I assume this happens because Apple is being crappy and I'm sorry it's affecting you. :-(

You can get in touch with me on Twitter at @irskep if you want more information.

Thank you for making this piece of art!

This is delightful. The track is listenable, and the sheet music is worth framing, which are both worth celebrating.

This is a really neat idea and I hope you publish. :-)

I can't figure out how to see more than just the postcard in the screenshot.

Really lovely entry. Thanks for making this.

Wow, this is EXACTLY my kind of thing! I was really glad to run across this. Such a neat idea and appropriate presentation. I'm looking forward to what else you do with this idea.

Any chance you could suggest a build and give a basic strategy guide? I'm not a JRPG fan at all and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Actually unplayable because the mouse position is "correct" but the graphics are wrong.

Happens for me too. See NSScreen.backingScaleFactor. Very unpleasant to play without a fix for this. :-(

Not possible, unfortunately. I wrote this in Swift, which won't build on Windows for another year or two.

I moved the girl to the exit stairs and the game froze.

I see you used Unity! I'd love it if you could push up a Mac build.

I beat all the towns, but nothing happened, I just wandered the desert for eternity or something.

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I figured out how to move and read people's spells, and charm cows and chickens, but I can't figure out how to get any cats or fight.

I charmed a bull and teleported it inside the walls, which didn't seem to do anything.

I picked up the keys, walked back to my spaceship...and then nothing happened. Did I miss something?

I like this a lot, but I got stuck in a standoff with a knight. I didn't have enough damage potential to take his shield down and I couldn't leave the fight.

I'm sure there are things I missed. :-)

I left a sort of "submission statement" on my game's page. Pasting here for visibility:

My goal with 7DRL this year was to make a statement about a very small aspect of roguelikes: item placement. Most roguelikes just throw their items all over the floor as if the level generator were a messy teenager. I think that a more intentional level generator can both fuel the player's imagination, and give people environmental hints about level layout that feel helpful without also feeling cheap.

I'm not yet sure if the combat system really worked out, so please do tell me about your experience with it. I learned that total symmetry between enemies and players makes balance very difficult, because defeating a tough enemy can mean you immediately have all their awesome gear.

Highlights as I see them:

  • Five distinctly themed areas
  • Mini-kitchen-sink bestiary and item catalogue
  • Pleasing color scheme
  • Combat that is partly traditional, partly unique in roguelikes
  • Real effort spent on UI; no opaque systems
  • I finished! It’s kind of OK!!!

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    For months, you have been imprisoned by the evil scientist Dr. Hallervorden. Now you have a chance to escape!

    Inspiration for UI, game mechanics, and atmosphere will mostly come from Brogue and CDDA.

    Starting 12:30 PM PST on 3/3/2018.


    I've never had much luck with Crowdforge. Send me an email or Twitter DM if you want to work with me (a coder) this time around!

    I write music and I'll work with anyone who has released at least one game in a jam before.

    I also program, but I don't want to do that for this jam.