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Jon Coughlin

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Fantastic. Love it!

Thanks :) How did you find the game?

lol nice! This makes me think I should add a "vertical speed" line to the debrief

It speeds the sim time to 4X while you are eating. I got the idea from the Fairey Swordfish, a WWII biplane that had a hatch in the navogator seat for storing sandwiches and tea.

Great job :)


Nice! loll so fast!!! You should be able to throttle back to go easier on the landing gear

Do you have a gamepad? The game is designed to play with a DS4 or Xbox controller. I will eventually add keyboard controls, but it will likely still be a while

This game looks phenomenal. Bravo! I'm making flight sims with what feels like similar design sensibilities. I would love to pick your brain on open world sim development in Unity sometime. I assume we are working through some similar technical issues :)

lol that was the simplest way for me to implement play cam: always on. I need to look into windowed mode, but I think it started happening when I added plat cam hop in the Roger meatball channel there and I can try to debug with you :)

Please let me know if it improves the game for you.

You got it to work with a joystick!? I have only set it up for gamepad, so I am shocked you got that to work. Thanks for going through the hassle!

If I could download these images with transparent backgrounds I would use them in my games :D

This is one of my favorite games of the year

adorable :)

lol Team A dropped down to 2 members 20% through, but Team B seemed too dumb to fill their pot. Fun little sim :)

Yay!!! I will check out the video :D

lol I loved it

I am SO happy you made this game

great game :) I am awful but I enjoyed my time

This is so well executed. Bravo!

wow, this is a very good game!

great little game :)

Wonderful game :) Great blendo influence. You could extend this to something impressive

I am shocked at the elegance and depth of this game. I wish I had played it before today :)

I started a team-building thread for my project here: Team Thread at Idle Thumbs Forums

I really want to make a comedy FPE and I hope I can find a few people to partner with :)

Anything I make will be in Unity and will end up something like this: The Eyes of Cheatin Hitman

I can't wait for this!

Thanks! I was more referring to the physical scale of the objects when I import them into Unity - They seem to be physically scaled about an order of magnitude differently. Is that a real thing?

hehehe this game is a work of fiction. any resemblance to pizza places, real or imagined, is purely coincidence

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Here is a gif of a pizza launcher I made with Asset Forge :)

pizza launcher gif

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My pizza store! LoL I'll add a gif of gameplay as soon as I have it functioning in Unity :D

Right now, if I export as FBX and import with Unity, the models are an order of magnitude larger than when I export as OBJ. Is this intended?

lol thank you! It's still so broken. You reminded me that I've gotta fix a ton of bugs :)

This is fantastic! Great style, great audio - kept me interested and nervous and laughing. Well done!

lol, the ending is spectacular, and it lasts exactly as long as it should. Great job, fun concept!

baddie boys everywhere. Excellent aesthetic, I can't believe you got all of those assets rendered properly in 2 weeks. Great job :)