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OBJ vs FBX export

A topic by Jon Coughlin created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 797 Replies: 5
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Right now, if I export as FBX and import with Unity, the models are an order of magnitude larger than when I export as OBJ. Is this intended?


fbx is just much more complex file format, its not about assetforge export. Fbx supports animation scene graph etc which adds a lot of boiler plate in export file (which you can't avoid, it is file formats specification). You can actualy view the obj or fbx file with text editor (notepad or other) and you will understand the difference. Also you can try compressing them and you will see that they end up roughtly the same size, as compression 'removes ' most of the boilerplate. Also if you use unity or any other big game engine, then import format wont matter as they will internally use their own specific file format.

Thanks! I was more referring to the physical scale of the objects when I import them into Unity - They seem to be physically scaled about an order of magnitude differently. Is that a real thing?

Same issue here.  The models are huge in Unity.  Is there a way to address this?

How about changing the scaling when importing into Unity?


I actually ran into this as well.

Turns out that it can be fixed in unity during import, under the "Model" section uncheck "Use File Scale" and set "Scale factor" to "0.2"
Every time you import an object from asset forge, you'll have to do this. You can make a preset for this, which will make it a little easier.. but if you set it to default every other model you import from other sources will now be incorrectly scaled.

So.. it'd be really cool if we could just set a unit scale in Asset Forge (which gets saved in between sessions) when we export FBX then we wouldn't have to worry about importing it into other programs as much. Given that each FBX file has a "UnitScaleFactor", hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to implement?