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Yeah, the Midwest suck™

Mountains are cool though

Lookin', thinkin', reckonin'


(Sorry, made the game for the Cosmic Horror Jam, added to the HPS1 jam b/c I'm an opportunistic gremlin)

Thanks for playing!

The visuals were created via custom lighting in the Unity Shader Graph. There's a spot light attached to the camera that uses asymptotic smoothing to slowly reveal the environment as you move/look around.

Thanks! Had a good time making this!

Sorry about the confusion, still in the process of putting up info about the game including a gameplay trailer (in lieu of a tutorial).

I really dig how the dodging works! It took a bit to get used to, but once I did it was fun to zoop around!

A fun little game!
I like the idea that the amount of nuts you've collected slow you down, but consider having some knock-on effect to other systems?

A cool little single-player dice game!

I definitely didn't understand the first time through and failed. The next time through I understood the mechanics and goals, but it still wasn't until the last turn that I was able to actually pull it off!

Well balanced to create tension!

No plot per se, but there is a theme

Absolutely love the visuals and audio!
There is a bit of a click when the SFX end, a little white noise in the mix could help hide the pop-in/out.

I like the choices, it's an interesting idea to have the context and narrative be up to the player.
If you were to add other mechanisms or narrative components, those choices could take on further meaning.

Love the art-style, was hoping for some more direction in the gameplay though.

It was initially difficult to tell I was moving, adding in a simple scrolling background could help convey that. Also, just a timer or score could help.

I like the aesthetic, it reminds me of those ipod commercials from the wayback!
It is difficult to determine where the collisions occur, and there's a bug in the end screen (if you're holding the button when you fail, the character continues attacking and the score keeps going up).

Love the animation on the arm, really sense the catharsis in it!
I did often find myself missing the targets by a pixel or so, I've found either enlarging the collider on the target or using a spherecast (instead of raycast) can help with this issue

I like the idea of having the towers have different attack patterns!
After a few waves, the enemies were moving too fast for any of my towers to hit them, as they always seemed to shoot at where the enemy was instead of where there are going to be...

Worth it

Around level 15-20 or so, the enemies started phasing through walls on level start. 
Also, the square collider for the player made it easy to clip corners and stop moving, switching to a circle collider may help with this issue?

It seems like every other shot would go right the ghost without hitting it. Is there an invulnerability period upon taking damage?

Love the art style, music, and writing!
I didn't realize that you had to click the arrows for other dialogue, so the first ghost basically played itself...

I like the simple art style, reminds me of atari games from the wayback!
Pro-strat; carry multiple cows at once.

I'm not sure I understand the game, is there any strategy to it or is it all just random chance?

I quite like the music!
I did find it difficult to fight the enemies, as they quickly close the distance to you and you need to move towards them to fire. You can easily find yourself without an option to fight back.

I found it pretty difficult to move around, as you're using WASD you can only really move orthogonally or diagonally...

I like the clean art style!
Some amount of 'coyote-time' could help with the platforming, as I found myself sliding off platforms sometimes...

Fun little game!
I wish the duck was controlled by WASD or something so you wouldn't need to shift hands to type though.

I like the pixel art!
I do wish the camera was pulled a little further back, as the next safe spot can easily be off-screen at times.

An engaging core loop and nice overall design!
The effects were sometimes confusing; my fire rate would go up, I would pick up another chest, it would go down again. Conveying the events and their effects could go a long way towards fixing this?

There seems to be an input bug, you can just hold LMB on the enemy and win. Maybe triggering the fire event only on mouse down could help avoid this?

I like the art style and music!
I found it was pretty easy to stay at the edge and just wrap to the other side when I hit a platform, trying out different rules could help create more challenge?

I love the art style and music!
I did start getting some performance issues around 3 minutes in or so, not sure that can be helped with all the characters running around though...

I like the visuals and SFX, but there doesn't seem to be any danger to the player. Could there be a collision missing between the player and the other character running around?

I like the idea of having different spells be specific to the different enemy types, but I am having a difficult time telling the enemies apart. It doesn't help that they can move through walls...

A fun little game! I'm a little confused about the non-blue squares are, I saw that they increased the bar at the bottom, but beyond that I'm not sure.

Something to consider, it is likely that the player will eventually lose as the time it takes to get to the next location is less than the time gained, which feels pretty disconnected from the actions of the player. Adding some complexity (obstacles to dodge/navigate, etc.) which requires player skill to overcome could help the player feel ownership of their score.

I like the connection between movement and attacking! It forces you consider your spacing when the enemies start appearing in greater numbers!

I like how it naturally gets more tense as more zombies pile up in the middle. It might make for a cleaner experience to have them steer away from each other, but this is awesome for 2 hours of work!

The animation and monster design are amazing!
Movements were fluid and hits felt impactful due to good SFX and the brief white flash.

The only thing I can comment on is that "leaving the edge of the screen" to transition to the next area is difficult with the mouse control, you have to move the cursor outside the window to get the character to actually cross the threshold. Just moving the trigger back a short distance would help with this.

I quite like the squash on the projectile as you pull it back, good feedback! I also like the SFX of projectile hit and enemy death.

The aesthetic brought back memories of an windows computer, which is always a trip!

I especially liked the effect of the cell wall rotating and warping, very nice!

Unfortunately, I don't have other players to test with, but I like the idea of multiple brains fighting for control. Also, I tried playing a 2 player match and the unused colors still appeared in the game. Also, the game itself froze once the match ended. Perhaps it was trying to get rid of a player who didn't exist?

Liked the animation on the slimes (good squash/stretch) and the variety of eyes.

Something I did notice was that the pink good slimes are very aggressive, and at a certain point the game basically played itself.