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Gun SFX felt great! Though I wish enemies would fire back with projectiles instead of hitscan, if you've got movement mechanics there should be things to dodge too!

Awesome awesome game!
It's very satisfying to kite a bunch of robots into the magnet, real "psych, you thought" vibes

It took me a couple runs to get a feel for it, but at the end I was flying around the map spraying a cone of death. Neat.

I like the grow/shrink mechanics, though I wasn't sure what was happening at first.
I did have some trouble with the WebGL build, specifically the aim would drift. I've run into this on itch before and I just make the resolution of the game window odd. Something about the cursor being locked between pixels?

Thank you for playing it!

The models and art are quite well done!
I did have a bit of a graphical problem; large parts of the bottom/right were cut off due to a scaling issue. Adding a UI scaler may help with that for the menu, but I'm not sure about the gameplay view...

Thank you for playing it! Sorry I missed the stream, timezones and all that...

Were you playing on a trackpad? I hadn't considered that and I should mention that in the description...

Loved the different kaiju designs!
Dumped all my resources into the lasers and became OP, don't mind it though!

Nevermind, it works now!
I'll play it and re-rate!

Thank you for playing!
It's true, I did just slap a crab model onto a tank model...

Oh, I didn't have too many performance problems, but I also kept my head buried in rubble the whole time 😅

NOTE: Game was updated on 4/6:

  • Revived Lorems Ipsum
  • Added text to tutorial

"Performance issues in browser", sees all the physics objects, "yeah"
Awesome game! Loved the procedural animation and variety of attacks!

I like how the camera zooms out when you fly, it helps make combat manageable!

I think something was wrong when I played it, no environment was visible so I was left exploring by dragging my face along the wall...

I liked how you grew bigger while falling through the jelly fish, it felt kind of katamari damacy...
The music did eventually cut out, not sure if something failed to loop?

(looks like you went off the map, probably near Nova Scotia? The texture is set to clamp, hence the weirdness)



Thanks for playing!

It's true, the enemies can't hit you... I couldn't figure out how to make a fail condition not frustrating so I just removed it and counted all shots against the player. The "ENMY" counter tracks that, but that wasn't originally explained anywhere. I've updated the end screen to say "Enemy shots on player" to make it more explicit.

Nice entry! I love the diagetic menu with the levers is fun, though it could be more introduce if they're doors or something?

Something I noticed whole playing is that the player will 'hop' a bit when walking downhill. If you project the input direction onto the surface normal the character will stay stick to the surface. Check out Vector3.ProjectOnPlane for more information.

Also, playing without maximizing the window causes the view to drift slightly. I think this only happens at certain screen resolutions, so just messing with the in the itch page settings may fix it?

Thank you for trying it out!

My apologies regarding the controls, I was having some difficulties with mouse sensitivity between platforms. As for holding RMB to aim, there is a UI message to that effect I've the gun is picked up. Though I have been worried about the legibility of the text (red-on-red).

Honestly, love it top to bottom. Awesome game all around!

I was kind of confused about the flight mechanic, as it sometimes felt like I couldn't fly up and other times I could. 

I'm unable to run the WebGL version due to the compression applied to the build.
I think you'll need to go into Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Other(?) and turn the build compression to None.

I'm probably getting some of the words wrong, but I run into this every time :/

Thanks for giving it a try!

Yeah, the targets shoot near you, not at you. I wasn't sure how to make a fail condition not feel frustrating so I didn't put one in...

Yeah, the Midwest suck™

Mountains are cool though

Lookin', thinkin', reckonin'


(Sorry, made the game for the Cosmic Horror Jam, added to the HPS1 jam b/c I'm an opportunistic gremlin)

Thanks for playing!

The visuals were created via custom lighting in the Unity Shader Graph. There's a spot light attached to the camera that uses asymptotic smoothing to slowly reveal the environment as you move/look around.

Thanks! Had a good time making this!

Sorry about the confusion, still in the process of putting up info about the game including a gameplay trailer (in lieu of a tutorial).

I really dig how the dodging works! It took a bit to get used to, but once I did it was fun to zoop around!

A fun little game!
I like the idea that the amount of nuts you've collected slow you down, but consider having some knock-on effect to other systems?

A cool little single-player dice game!

I definitely didn't understand the first time through and failed. The next time through I understood the mechanics and goals, but it still wasn't until the last turn that I was able to actually pull it off!

Well balanced to create tension!

No plot per se, but there is a theme

Absolutely love the visuals and audio!
There is a bit of a click when the SFX end, a little white noise in the mix could help hide the pop-in/out.

I like the choices, it's an interesting idea to have the context and narrative be up to the player.
If you were to add other mechanisms or narrative components, those choices could take on further meaning.

Love the art-style, was hoping for some more direction in the gameplay though.

It was initially difficult to tell I was moving, adding in a simple scrolling background could help convey that. Also, just a timer or score could help.

I like the aesthetic, it reminds me of those ipod commercials from the wayback!
It is difficult to determine where the collisions occur, and there's a bug in the end screen (if you're holding the button when you fail, the character continues attacking and the score keeps going up).

Love the animation on the arm, really sense the catharsis in it!
I did often find myself missing the targets by a pixel or so, I've found either enlarging the collider on the target or using a spherecast (instead of raycast) can help with this issue