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Thanks! :)

Thanks so much for playing and commenting! I was the solo programmer for this so I wasn't able to add in and polish everything, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Enjoy! Leave a comment with your thoughts! :)

This is incredibly fun!

Ramming into stuff is really fun! I think that maybe things should come at different angles though. Also, the music loop was really harsh on my ears. Overall though, this is a really good basis for a game and can be expanded upon!

This is definitely an experience...

Cool idea but is there really no way to restart a level? When I die I have to close out the game and reopen it. Is there something I am missing?

This game mechanic definitely grew on me. At first I didn't like it but it became fun scrambling to find the keys on my keyboard. That being said, some of the keys did not show up (they were empty brackets). Also, I think the keys ui should be bigger and placed toward the bottom of the screen. It was really hard to read them. Also, I think the camera should be pulled back more to see more of the level. Anyways, fun game! You should definitely add a cover image and some screenshots though!

I know the point of the game was to have an uncontrollable hand but attempting to control it was really difficult. I think that if the physics were changed, the controls were changed (they were really strange), and the arm had a greater range of motion this would be very enjoyable. I'm not saying that the player should just be able to move the arm wherever they want but it was just really hard to get it where I wanted to go. Also, some keyboard inputs for the colors would have been really nice to have. 

I had fun playing this but the music hurt my ears. The bass was really deep and it was hard to listen to. If the music was changed, I think the game would be improved a lot. Besides that, I liked how each level has different controls, but I wish I started back at the start of the level and not the entire game when I died.

Definitely an interesting idea.

Definitely! The screenshots of the game look really cool!

I really like the idea of the game but I have a big issue. I think that the options seem too trial and error. It's really hard to tell what option will kill me and what will raise my coward level. Also the sound is really loud in the game. With that being said I love the idea that you have to lie your way out situations. It's a really cool concept.

Just an FWI for next time but I'm guessing most people just want to unzip and run the game so try to do that next time. I want to try it out but I don't have the downloads that you require.

There's no tutorial so I struggled to figure out what to do for a while and also I still have no idea how to get the three skulls? Otherwise the levels I played were fun and the pixel art and music was dope.

I know rhizo already said this but yeah my PC just couldn't run the game. :(

This is incredibly creative! So far, I haven't seen any game like this!

I appreciate the feedback!

Really cool base for a tower defense game! I think that a speed up option would have been really helpful to have and maybe some more unique sprites for the enemy and towers (I really like the hexagon grid though). This is still incredibly impressive though fantastic job!

Incredibly done! I think that it would have been nice if you could pick up blocks diagonal to you but this is impressive!

Cool concept but I it is really hard to tell how far the dog with make the sheep go and in what direction. Also, a fullscreen window would have been nice. Even with the criticisms it was fun. Good job!

I liked this but I think that the body swap mechanic could have been used for puzzle solving and the boomerang should have continued to travel in the direction it was going when thrown. Overall, nice work!

This was a fun concept but kind of confusing for which blocks would be used for each movement (for example there were two left blocks which one would be used when I go left). I also think the tutorial should have had an option to go straight to level 1. Overall though, nice job!

Fun gameplay, nice music, and great pixel art! A rewind feature would have been really helpful but overall great job!

I really dig the 2D player in a 3D space! If you were ever to expand of this I would recommend adding a run button to help with platforming, and the coffee mechanic should be used in a different way since it did not really add anything to the game. Anyways, great job!

I love the art and neat gameplay concept! Great job!

Hope you guys enjoy!