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Wow! This game makes me both happy and sad.

Happy to see the best mash-up I've seen in ages: Rogue meets Tetris! So much potential! So many possibilities!

Sad to see that the last update was almost 3 years ago--in other words, this game is dead.

If you're really not interested in taking it further, have you considered open-sourcing it, to see if someone can make more of this fantastic idea?

It looks fantastic! Now if there were only a way for the 90+% of C64 hardware users who don't have an EasyFlash cart to play it. $1.99 is a great deal, but $60+1.99 is rather steep :-(

Great game so far!

I think I found a bug: In the first round, I got my fighter captured, and then the boss, in formation with one other fighter and my captured ship, swooped back down for another run. As it came down, I shot and missed the boss, but hit the fighter that was coming down with it (the alien, not my captured ship), and...I got my captured ship back, despite the fact that the boss was still alive! In fact, I was so thrown by this that the boss hit and killed my original ship, but I was able to continue play with the released ship. 

Weird stuff, but a great achievement otherwise. Thanks for all the hard work.

Fantastic game! I admit that I just download most of these for free, but after hearing the *amazing* sound effects, I just had to break out the old credit card. Yes sir, sfx like that are well worth the money!

Wow--talk about juice! The juiciest game I've seen in this game jam yet!

A fun little game, but never have I seen a game so badly in need of "juice". There's a lot of potential here, but some little touches - tighter controls, sound effects, maybe even a simple particle effect or screenshake here and there - would make all the difference in the world. (If you haven't heard the term before, search for "Juice It or Lose It" on YouTube.)

Still, all in all, a fun little game that did a lot in the constraints we were given!

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Interesting little game--not a theme you usually see! The game design was pretty fair; I understood the theme and goals of the game right away, and I didn't get lost or confused.

The audio was rather hell-like, but not deliberately, I think. It was annoying, to say the least--at the very least, the loop should have been longer.

The graphics were fine, given the time constraints. Unfortunately, I didn't really get the feeling of being in hell. There was no real sense of horror or doom.

Also, I found a nearly game-breaking bug: in the 2nd level, I got caught in a wall. While I thought this would probably end my game, it turned out to be a way around the level's puzzles! Still, you might want to fix it.

Finally, while I commend you for coming up with some new questions for the gatekeeper to ask, as opposed to the usual Riddle of the Sphynx-type stuff, I got caught on the second question on the third level, and, lacking any way to save and come back, that ended my game. Maybe a hint feature?

All in all, a fun and different little game with a few flaws that could be mended. Thanks for writing this game!

P.S. Please don't bother going to try and review my game--it never got finished, so there's no game posted there.

Even though I'm many years over 18, I'm afraid I failed to pass the first question. The first code says "1978GAME", right? Because I just hit enter and nothing happens. I'd like to rate the game, but it's hard when I'm stuck at the first screen...

It's not just you...

Fantastic game! *Please* keep working on this--I want to know what happens!