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A fun little game, but never have I seen a game so badly in need of "juice". There's a lot of potential here, but some little touches - tighter controls, sound effects, maybe even a simple particle effect or screenshake here and there - would make all the difference in the world. (If you haven't heard the term before, search for "Juice It or Lose It" on YouTube.)

Still, all in all, a fun little game that did a lot in the constraints we were given!

Yeah, I was debating about particles. Sound effects were on my mind, but I was just running low on time. I've never messed with screenshake-but I'm sure in the ending sequence it could've done a lot. From the start I hated the wall jumping controls, and I couldn't think of a way to refine them. I used the super basic and easy tagging method for jumping; should've used three colliders. Particles would help, I admit-I just didn't know where to use them. If I ever do go back and refine this game, I'll be sure to add juice-it was the one thing I knew it was lacking in when I released it.