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Interesting little game--not a theme you usually see! The game design was pretty fair; I understood the theme and goals of the game right away, and I didn't get lost or confused.

The audio was rather hell-like, but not deliberately, I think. It was annoying, to say the least--at the very least, the loop should have been longer.

The graphics were fine, given the time constraints. Unfortunately, I didn't really get the feeling of being in hell. There was no real sense of horror or doom.

Also, I found a nearly game-breaking bug: in the 2nd level, I got caught in a wall. While I thought this would probably end my game, it turned out to be a way around the level's puzzles! Still, you might want to fix it.

Finally, while I commend you for coming up with some new questions for the gatekeeper to ask, as opposed to the usual Riddle of the Sphynx-type stuff, I got caught on the second question on the third level, and, lacking any way to save and come back, that ended my game. Maybe a hint feature?

All in all, a fun and different little game with a few flaws that could be mended. Thanks for writing this game!

P.S. Please don't bother going to try and review my game--it never got finished, so there's no game posted there.


Hi! thank you for your review of the game I really appreciate the constructive criticism. 

I did intend to have a little more doom and hell-ish feel to it but there was only so much I could do with the characters and environment considering I drew them on a Samsung Galaxy Note (the og released in 2011 it's super laggy). 

The audio was made on the last day because I completely forgot that the sound was a criteria for judgement the same goes for the riddles in level 3 they were like an end moment decision (but I plan on working on this game in the future taking my time with it so an update is definitely on the horizon. 

This was my first ever game jam and the 3rd game I have ever made I had fun while making this game the adrenaline felt good! Thank you so much for your review and playing this game I really appreciate it!