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Good work! I love the presentation, each channel being unique is really amazing.

 I like the overall story beats and the presentation is pretty good (I liked how the beaver was a still image), but I do wish that the hounds were a model/sprite in-game. When I turned around to see nothing chasing me and dying a moment later, it did end up being immersion breaking. Regardless of that, great work!

I liked the overall gameplay loop, I'd love to see if this idea ever gets fleshed out more beyond a jam setting, good work!

The art is great! I wasn't able to figure out how to fix the glitch, but I did enjoy my time playing regardless, it was tricky (but fair!) Good work!

Beautiful art! With some expansion on its gameplay, I can see this being a very good game, good work!

Good work! I didn't expect the theme to go as deep as it did, but you expanded upon it really well! I had fun.

Thank you!

I agree, given more time I would've tweaked the difficulty increase better, thank you for playing nonetheless!

That's a great idea, thanks for playing!

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Good work! I love the art and the ending quite a bit. I think with a bit more polish on the sheep's movement, there's a lot you could expand on in the future, I had fun!

Good work! I thought this was a clever and fun card game, the stealing mechanic really made the game for me, very risky but if it works, you're one step closer to winning. Also, needless to say, the artwork is very well-done. I was able to get a high score of 4 in my playthrough.

I had a lot of fun with most of the puzzles and worked hard to solve them. In my opinion, level three was the hardest, which seems weird to have in the early game, but maybe it was just because I wasn't accustomed to the mechanics all the way. The concept and presentation were also very good. Good work! 

Well done, I never expected to see an interactive movie game in the jam! Until Dawn has nothing on this.

Fantastic work! The art is great and the puzzles are a good level of challenging.

My high score is 31535! Really good work, I had a lot of fun with my time playing and also loved the art.

I feel a bit dumb with how often I tried to type everything in as "steering [0]" before I figured out I was doing it wrong, but this game was super fun once I got the hang of it. Definitely one of my favorites from the jam! It felt chaotic as I tried to fix all of the mistakes that the cat made, quickly typing in a way to fix whatever they just did. This is more of a small thing, but I love how the cat meows, too. Good work!

Good work! This was a short but sweet game, and you chose a very unique concept!

This was fun! I really liked how challenging it got later on, swapping quickly between the two roles in order to survive. I like the art and polish overall, but I do wish there was some sort of scoring system, just so I can see how my previous run compares to my new. Good work!

Great work, I love the art and the game was pretty fun once I got a hang of it, I sadly got a crash on the final boss, but besides that, I had a good time.

Great work on the art, I like it a lot! It was fun chasing down the mouse, but the character movement did come across as a little clunky at times. Good work!

Thanks for playing! I hope to make these changes in the future!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Good work! This had a really nice arcade-esque feel to it, I had fun!

Very good presentation and great concept, my biggest nitpick is that when I lose the game I have to close and restart it to continue. Regardless of that, good work!

I am sad that my little asteroid-birthday party got crashed, but I am fairly happy with my time playing, good work!

Great concept! Good work!

The final level is difficult, but it is still very much possible without the use of the secret you found! I will take your suggestions to heart, thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed! I agree, I hope to make that change in the future.

Thanks for playing!

Really fun and clever, levels occasionally felt overwhelming, but once I threw myself at them they became a lot clearer. Great work!

This is very well polished and pretty fun and interesting, level 9 took a bit of trial and error, but I eventually got a clear goal down and beat the game! Good work! 

Thank you, I plan on providing a transition animation in the future to fix this, I will definitely check out your game.

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Great work! I love both the creativity and visual style of this game, I'm surprised you were not only able to make playing as a health bar fun, but also give the health bar itself a lot of character and life. I do wish it was sometimes easier to herd Pinch out of corners, but I guess that's part of the chaos!

This one was clever! I was able to make the house lose $1131! Good work!

Such a creative concept, the dictionary was a nice touch, it helped clarify a lot!

Despite me throwing my head at level 3 for awhile before reading the comments, this was fun, I really like the visual style and the puzzles were interesting. Good work!

Beautiful visual style, one of the best in the jam, good work.

Killed a couple hundred people as an automatic door, good game.

I love the art! I choose to believe the seagull is dropping the ice cream from a small backpack somewhere on its body, as anywhere else is far too unsanitary for me. Good work!

A bit confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was fun. I like the art too, reminds me of older flash games I used to play, good work!