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There was sound controls in the pause menu. Sorry about that. I tried to adjust the sound but I know the volume of the trap room blew up for some reason. Thanks for playing! More time would have allowed us to better adjust the slow battles..

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I see you used your gun agains the skeletons almost exclusively.. The gun is highly ineffective agains the skeletons in particular. You were doing great on the door puzzle though.. if only you had rubies!! 

Thanks for playing. Yeah needed some playtesting to adjust the combat balance. just didn't have time. 

Thanks, thats right. this was a bug I couldnt fix unfortunately. I agree about the combat. Should have made the enemies a little squishier and easier to hit, but really had no time to test play enough to get the balance down on the combat.. Did you figure out the gem puzzle on the door? just curious? It's a pretty good one. Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Could have done with an extra day of playtesting to try and make it flow a bit better.. Of grid huh? that is odd. Haven't experienced that. The Search and Rest buttons in fact do nothing.. They are things I didn't implement, I thought I turned them off.. 


Yeah, Could have used a little more time to balance the battles.. Can be tricky. Thanks for playing!

Wow.. random crashes? I really have not experienced this.. Thanks so much for trying it out! sorry you weren't able to experience the game completely.

Thanks for playing. We actually planned to do more work on this project! we will see!

Fun little game! Perfect for a 48 hour jam!

Definitely met the theme. This game was really hard. I think some player control finesse may be in order.. It seemed really unforgiving, I felt like I was hitting the red walls and getting damaged when I was maybe barely in contact with them, maybe make the players hit box a little smaller... This is the start to what could be a very cool game. 

What a big download for such a short game. Challenging, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad. A little one note, but the art style was really good. Would be interested to know where you got your assets or if you made them. Very nice to look at!

Well, this meets the mark on the theme. The story telling was great and the music and art was done so well. Great jam submission. As far as a game.. not fun, but as far as a grasping story, really well done. hats off to you!

Wow.. that last level.. jeez. A lot of dying.. great fun, but man the ice....

It was very engaging. I wanted to keep fixing things.. Great jam game.

I felt the pain. More time could have helped for sure. 

Good fun. very interesting concept. Not sure I quite got a hang of the mechanics. Great job tho. Very solid jam game.

This was a nice game. not too hard, controls worked well. I ran into a glitch where I fell and just kept falling. would have been nice to have some kind of way to restart the game.. The UI was a little counter intuitive also. I really wanted to click start with the mouse and it took me a while to get that I had to use the space bar.. Overall though it was fun and challenging, and I got pretty far, (and i am not good at platform games!) :) Solid submission!

This game was obviously not made for this jam, but it was interesting.

Good luck.

No problem. Keep at it! I would appreciate it if you rated my game if you get the chance. I would love to know what you think.


This game has tons of potential. Too buggy to play right, but so much to love. Would be interested to see this developed.

I got caught right away by the guards and they kind of just got stuck on me and pushed me into the woods , and then I got caught again when I was collecting wood. my health got to -250 and then it said I won the game.. A little confusing. I really liked the hand drawn art and the way the character was animated. You could have a cool game here if it wasn't so buggy. Would be interested in seeing this developed more.

Was hard to tell if I hit the spirits or not. Would like it if when you hit one they caught on fire.. and not really sure why you had a time limit.. the graphics were pleasant.

That tank bug really took away from this game being something unfortunately. I felt kinda cheated by the tanks being up in the air and not being able to hit them with bombs.. So much of this game was done so well. The terrain and environment being destructable and the tanks blowing up was very satisfying. 

This was a fun little game. I enjoyed playing it and actually completed it, which is a big accomplishment for me on a platformer. I loved that it was non linear. Really good level design.

Yeah pck file missing. Cant play.

Yeah sorry cant' play the game. it says the pck file is missing.

The music and sounds were so well done. I loved the cutscenes. This could be such a good game. I found the puzzles a little too linear. I had a hard time failing. They just needed some other elements perhaps to give them a diffuclty boost. Very cute game though, and nicely polished. Great job.

Yeah, had the same problem could not play it. sorry.

That was tough to get very far. Very cool concept for a game and I feel like the mechanics were done very well. I loved how throwing your head would make it so you couldn't see your body anymore. Great little game.

Addictive game play. I had to get all the power ups. This game has potential. I would have liked to see more objects on the stairs to interact with Carl. Fun game to play. Great job!

What a great concept for a game. I would love to see more interesting ways to use the cards to your advantage and it might have been nice to start out with a hand of cards. The art was done nicely. Good game you got here. Would be interested to see more work done on it.

Thanks for playing it. I appreciate the feedback. Really wanted to add more enemies with different movements, but just ran out of time.

Man, Thanks so much for the feedback. That is odd that the sound looped.. Well, game jam game, if that is the worse bug, I am super happy. Yeah I could have put the sound option in the main menu. actually though about it, but I just ran out of time.

Thanks again, Im glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, thanks so much for trying it out. Im glad you enjoyed it! Wanted to add more types of enemies, but ran out of time. Did you make it to the Boss? If so I am impressed!

Just thought I would mention it. Everything else played out nice.

This is a great Jam game. It is what I would say is perfect for a jam build. Very good spooky vibes. Very well done. I did think the controls were a little too sensitive. maybe have a way to adjust look sensitivity? Well Done!

Very nicely done! I jumped when stuff got knocked off the shelf when I was trying to mop with the lights off..


Construct huh? I have thought about buying that to make games.

Really great job for a jam! Has a lot of promise. lots of bugs still in the game, but the idea of the game is sound. I wish the battle felt more impactful. I couldn't tell for sure when I was hitting the big plants. The biggest issue I had was I kept getting spawned back inside of a plant that I couldn't escape. I really enjoyed the level design though. I loved the different levels, and the graphics and atmosphere of the game are great. 


What a fun little game.

It has such a Donkey Kong feel to it. I really enjoyed playing it!