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Try to download the game on Steam. There, along with the game, you will be installed all the necessary software.

Thank you! Yes, it does remind ahah 👀

Hi, thanks for the great video! 
Of course, it's our fault that we made the controls not obvious. We were in a hurry to get everything done in a week. To move items, you have to hover the cursor and hold the LMB.

Thank you so much for such a detailed review of our little game! It's really nice to get such feedback.

All the problems grow out of the fact that this is a jam game. And also for all of us, this is our first Unreal Engine game. All these things we are already fixing, but according to jam rules, we can't update the game before the results are announced. 

Thank you!

Yes, we created this for a jam, but we have some plans to develop this game. We also want to change the controls a little bit, and make the ending more interesting.
Those bugs that you pointed out we will definitely fix, but according to the rules of the jam, we can not update the build before the announcement of the results of the jam :)

Thank you! That's very funny! 

Thank you! That was a very thorough video ahah 

excellent video, thank you :)

Thank you! We really did a good job with the sound. But the controls were a little bad ahhah

It's hardly a spoiler, don't worry :)

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One of the few jam games I really wanted to play myself after watching the footage.
The car controls are very fun. The robots get really smart at some point and shoot where you'll be in a second, so I often got shot off right in the air when I had no way to dodge :D
Very cool and atmospheric! I'm sure if you mention Simon Stalenhag on Twitter, he will definitely repost your game :)

Nice video, thank you!

Thanks for the great video!

the letter D under one of the notes :)

yeah, we definitely should have talked more about the controls, we'll add that after the jam :)

Oh okay! Thank you!

Thank you! :) Cool video, but it's just very laggy. Tell me is the game so laggy or just the video?

To attach the letter to the fridge you need to hold and then release LMB

LMB click — to inspect objects
LMB hold — to drag objects

esc — to menu

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Gameplay Instructions
LMB click — to inspect objects
LMB hold — to drag objects

esc — to menu

I understand you very well, I'd like to bring more differences to the game fractions myself. I has a few ideas about that. BUT...
We don't have pile-up interfaces or anything like that where we can show that this warrior does 30% more damage than another warrior, but let's say he does slower. However, the battle itself is quite intense, and the players just don't notice many details. For example, if your warrior will run faster than the other warrior or have less health? If the barracks will produce warriors faster? Will it be noticeable at all?
Can you tell, with the current balance, how much health your buildings have and how much damage your warriors do?
We had a few iterations of the distinctive features for different factions, but they all tripped over the impossibility of expressively showing and explaining it, so as not to overload the game too much. We also experimented with different mechanics for different races, it's like snowball generates too many problems at all levels. 
In the end we just came to the conclusion that the game is good in its simplicity. It's a kind of chess where it doesn't matter what color of pieces you have, but it's important to use them properly.
For justice's sake, special landscapes affect factions differently.

Yes, you can change the color scheme in the settings menu.

In the beginning I thought so, too, so for a long time opposed the idea of Easy Mode. But over time I came to the conclusion that the game is quite hard, not only because of its mechanics, but also because of its visual style, and we also have a pretty random AI, as well as a few hints, which we explain quite superficially (eg, about difficult ways and demolition of their own buildings). Many people play badly in RTS, just because they have never played them. All this has led me to believe that Easy Mode is not shameful and that many people really need it :)

This is great, thank you! I hope you can still win the cube! In any case you can turn on the easy mode that we added recently.

Oh, it's cool, great video!! Thank you!

We will try so that you have such an opportunity :)

Sorry, my bad! Now everything should work fine

Hello! Maybe this is my mistake. I tried to fix it. Please check again :)

nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We just wanted to please the players a little bit, because we really love this platform (●♡∀♡)

Sorry to hear that! Try downloading from your library or using the application. If it doesn’t work out, you can always use the Steam Key.

Thanks, dude!

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Thank you!
The answer to your question is yes!
PS: we will have an update with 30 new maps soon

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Thanks! Awesome and interesting video! Such videos help us make the game better. We watch how people play and try to make the gameplay more interesting. 

Thank you!
Yes! These interesting landmark are bosses. Each boss will have their own battle mechanics and a small cutscene :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We're already working on the Mac version and the addition of new combat music.
Special thanks for the feedback about azerty-keyboard, this is a surprise for us. :)

I assure you there are no viruses there. We have connected Unity analyst, which collects impersonal data about your wins / losses in the game. Perhaps your firewall or antivirus responds to this. You can prohibit sending your data at your discretion. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

It's very cool, dude! Thanks! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Thank you for your kind words, and for your feedback! 

But, the restructuring of the barracks path is part of the gameplay, much like the command of units in the Starcraft. It is hard to remove it so that game remains interesting and challenging. But we are constantly thinking how to make it less intrusive. Ideas that we discuss:

1. Indication of one target for all barracks at once.
2. The button that highlights the inactive barracks.

Yes, our textbook is not very good. Thanks for pointing out our mistakes, we'll fix everything!

Your idea about cursors is already on our Trello! :)

Thanks! Don't forget to come back to continue the game  in the summer!

Original size image from trailer:
Alas, I don't have a clean contour in PNG format, only with white background ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Thanks you!
Perhaps  the mac version will be on release. Or maybe not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯