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well thats much better, thanks

well thats fine then

this is a game site, not an impossible english site also im not a kid i just speak like one so no class; please do not troll and stop forcing ur lame opinion on others, thank u

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no all u guys did was insult my games wout trying them, and i put in the cover images for the paid ones when u said i did not so ur just trolling

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now i am reporting this; 1 utmost cruel 2 utmost unhelpful 3 purpose malice

also fully negative, plz think before u speak

plz take ur toxic elsewhere

that depends

tbh game dont work well with wasd

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my games might be simple and 2d but they are addictive, thanks for post

this might work but no

that looks like full overkill and pure negative 

really good

so i advertised on youtube; by comments only

nobody seems to pay stuff on youtube anymore

which is why a patreon channel closed

and i followed everyone here but it seems everyone is offline

but its not like devs are gonna pay devs

so aside from making a website how should i advertise better

well it might be a good idea to focus on 1 project

finished reading the the process details, and re opened my games

not going lie, if i had the time my games would have come out tremendous better


had to restrict my paid games access due to unfinished tax interview

please dont say there are no good short games. there was many pc minigames i found that were paid and had views. so it looks like most of these devs wrote up a story for their games. but even if i made up a story for mine the store alone would not be necessary and far too short. my games are only 2d so no need for me to include long advanced feature instructions on them. so is there another option than a devlop to get my games out there

also not sure why the tag is there, i put just started cause im new to itch [not making games]

i thank any replies

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yeah i did this with my paid games but ur right i could do more. but to me my free games do not require good looks

so my classic 2d games are unlikely to get featured especially in the kid friendly way i made them; good thing i advertised elsewhere

right now i have a small amount of games, some free and some have to pay for

but a start is  a start

is there any decent way to get featured on the itch home besides devlog 

refresh to restart my games

a game where the hero fights a big orb, arrow keys to move, space to attack, you win once the orb hides