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I adore this!!!

Thank you so much!

Wow, what an original concept, and a fantastic adherence to the theme of the jam! well done! 

Thank you very much! 

Ok so now I got to playing, and honestly the concept is SO cool and original. It's quite a little geometric puzzle game, and I really am enjoying it a lot! well done!

I'm still playing but wanted to tell you your audio/music is beautiful and just up my alley of my compositional style. Definitely interested if you have any composition accounts (soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.) 

This was super fun and really fit the theme well, imo! A bit simple (and definitely could use a bit of music) but there's always time to expand after the jam :) Well done, and a solid game with good use of the theme!


Yea, I realize I suck at the game which is why I always get the alarms XD

Hi! I really liked the music choices, first of all - fantastic curation worthy of a Kubrick or Cuaron experience, really well done there. I loved the general feel and look, but I found the alarms a bit too jarring and had to turn down my audio - maybe look into having that balance a bit different, or maybe you wanted that urgency to the feel? Anyway, quite well done, and I enjoyed the mechanics. It definitely felt out of control. And I def didn't find the poor astronaut :( 

So this is one of my fave jam games so far, and I really, really adore the aesthetics, the music, and the entire feel! Congrats!

This game's concept made me LOL, which is a very good thing. Very original! I especially enjoyed the customers screaming "no. no" if I got the product wrong. 

I like the world-switching ability! that's a really lovely touch. But I would have been a bit happier knowing what I'm supposed to attack first and to keep away from... as such, "dying" is the only way of learning. But really cute and nice implementation! 

A fun little game! Could definitely have a mobile implementation. I'd make it a little more elaborate for future implementations, but the concept def fits the theme!

This was really fun, even exploring how to figure out how to glide! I didn't get it also at first, but then it made more sense and I really like tihis sense of mystery! 

Wow, thank you so much!

Thank you for your detailed feedback and for playing :) 

Thank you so much for this lovely feedback!

Thank you for the feedback!
The audio implementation is a repeated comment and I'm glad to get it because I'm definitely improving how I put that in for the next game! Currently it's just Soundcloud embeds, but there are a 100 other ways to do it, so I'll look into either getting them from mp3s and crossfading, or building in better fades on the soundcloud embeds next time. Thanks so much for playing!

Really solid game and a lot of fun! The only comment I'd have is that it's a bit confusing at first just because the mechanics are a bit frantic, but that could also be considered gameplay, and keep in mind I'm not the best gamer out there. Wonderful endless feel. Good work!

Thank you for playing and your feedback!

Thank you! I wanted visuals but ran out of time in a big way for that to happen... next year ALL THE VISUALS! XD

Thank you so much!

I love that you can end up a tree with no attack XD Really cute concept, cute art, and generally a lot of fun!

Thank you muchly :) 

Thank you so much for the feedback - both kind and useful, so that's the best, merci! :) 
As it's my first ever game, I'm pretty proud. I'm primarily a composer and writer (the music is mine), so I'm definitely going to look into smoother ways of implementing these things - your time is appreciated! 

A really cool story - immersive, creepy, and a lot of fun to find the alternate branchings of the story!

Really cool! Love the involvement of the music. Good job!!!

I'm so glad to find another writer-developer like myself :) really fascinating concept. I'm still playing my way through this and will definitely return once more to it to reabsorb, but it's super unique. You should be proud!

This is such a fun little game! I really enjoyed it. Cute as a button, too!

Strong game and strong intuitive feeling. Good work!

Lovely atmospheric music and a great concept, but I was a bit confused until I got the hang of it. It does relate to the theme well. Good work!

Really fun game, simple concept but definitely great playability and fun music! easy figure out, and the "camera shake" is a fun feature! 

Thank you so much!

Ah whoops, didn't find the music ^_^ Cool game!

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What a fun and original game! I guess I was a tiny bit confused at a couple points because I didn't know how to proceed (I did figure it out so no worries), but I really do like the fact that it's story driven and it's a strong entry imo.
I could also see it with a more elaborate soundtrack, but what music you did use is incredibly fitting and adds to the atmosphere :) 

Hey, I really like your game :) it was easy enough for a platformer-fail-girl like myself to play through without too much torturous sads, and I really liked how intuitive the gameplay was! I could suggest adding some music (togglable), but the sound effects are super cute!