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It has already been reported Win 11 is causing issues. Steel Gear has never been tested on the Win 11 OS. Currently I have no PC with Win 11 on it, so I can't really diagnose the problems right now. I'm glad you got it working though. Thanks for reporting, and offering a solution! Cheers

Ok. it may be a Win 11 issue. It's never been tested on that OS.

Sounds like prereq isn't installed. Go to SteelGear/Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us. Then run the UE4prereqSetup_x64.exe.

Please post comments & reviews here. Thanks.

Spaced Invaders community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please post bugs and issues here. Thanks!

Not sure what could have caused that black screen. But temps on the CPU may have been the cause like you said. I will do a little digging and see if I can re produce the issue. Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks for reporting. No there's no easy workaround. I'll have to fix it in the editor. But good news is it's an easy fix and I'll include it in the next version which will be available soon!

EDIT: So I fixed the issue. If you try the next version, please get back to me with your results. Also if you could let me know what the Transceiver screen looks like that would be great! I changed it a bit in this next version, so now you have me worried some elements aren't going to fit together right. Thanks! Hope to hear back. Next version will be live in the coming week:)

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I went through and fixed a bunch of stuff you mentioned. Still on the hunt for those boxes and barrels you walked through.

The "!" showing up late was happening on one hit kills because the kill happens so fast the code is late firing. I think I have it fixed now.

I enlarged the blockers around the sludge/sewage pools so the player can't get over them no matter what now. Also I re-enabled the cheats for the endgame bosses, and fixed the player still being under control during those cut scenes. Pressing buttons during the cut scene must have broke the code or something. All controls are now disabled during the cinematic now, and it should fix the black screen as well.

Thanks for reaching out with your finds. Cheers!

I will look into these thanks. Also the "0" cheats are disabled during endgame. That's why it wouldn't work for you. You can still cheat through the Super Computer though.

Thank you for the report! I just fixed the uniform message glitch. It only will show the message for 3 seconds now then disappear. I also fixed the borderless windowed mode. It will show a title bar now. Both fixes will be included in the next version. Cheers!

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Thanks for reaching out with feedback!

 I will look into the blocker that you were able to jump over. I thought I had everything blocked off good. Nice find! The credits in the original were in standard size font. I made some fonts smaller to fit better in the transceiver message box. I need to update credits before Steel Gear is out of Early access. I'll see what I can do about the small fonts. Stun effect for enemies has been added already on my end and will be included in the next version. I'll consider an ammo restriction as well. The 8bit tracks are temporary placeholders. Plan is to re-write them sometime before main release. For now, they fall under "fair use". See here: 

Good to hear it's running good for you! And again, thanks for the feedback! I take feedback very seriously so it's much appreciated! Cheers!


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Based on some of your suggestions the next update will include some fixes such as stun effect for enemies. Also an awareness indicator! :) Still working on the update so they'll be a few more surprises in there as well. Thanks again for reaching out with ideas! Cheers!

I have changed a few things based on some of your suggestions. They'll be in the next update. Thanks again for reaching out! Cheers!

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Thanks for your suggestion. Will keep in mind for sure.

 A few things:

The carboard box works just fine. It unequips after 8 seconds on purpose. This is to avoid spamming. It says in the description "It might be a little claustrophobic in there"

Dogs do show on radar. I just tested it to confirm.

Cigs didn't detect laser beams in the original. So they don't here either. Use the infa red goggles. That's what they are for. Otherwise they would be a useless item.

Jump is used to jump over the roller traps. Use it only if you want to.

I just changed the password menu from using the keyboard to a virtual one in the last update. After testing with it for the last year and a half, the new virtual keyboard is MUCH better!

Rations work the same as the original.

I changed from plastic explosives to TNT for sound and visual effects.

The hotkey for the radio is TAB, it opens the backpack to get access like the original. (I'm trying to keep some things classic)

Thanks for reaching out with some suggestions. Much appreciated!

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Thanks for all the great feedback. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Not a whole lot of players have reached out with their thoughts. I will be taking all your ideas into consideration. One thing though, there is actually an indicator arc and damage area that shows when throwing grenades already implemented. Hold the middle mouse down for half a second and aim your throw, and you will see it. Then release it to throw to the target area. Just clicking the middle mouse button cancels it out.

 EDIT: I just wanted to add my 2 cents about the Stealth Suit placement too. I agree with you on this, it was actually my first intention. The actual room on the screen without resizing everything and shuffling icons around was what stopped me. There was simply no space left in equipment inventory without it looking cramped. So it ended up with the weapons. And, it actually fits in there nicely IMO. Both the stealth suit and laser sight are quick access at the bottom of the weapons menu. It looks nice and tidy.

Cheers! Have fun playing!