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Thanks for your suggestion. Will keep in mind for sure.

 A few things:

The carboard box works just fine. It unequips after 8 seconds on purpose. This is to avoid spamming. It says in the description "It might be a little claustrophobic in there"

Dogs do show on radar. I just tested it to confirm.

Cigs didn't detect laser beams in the original. So they don't here either. Use the infa red goggles. That's what they are for. Otherwise they would be a useless item.

Jump is used to jump over the roller traps. Use it only if you want to.

I just changed the password menu from using the keyboard to a virtual one in the last update. After testing with it for the last year and a half, the new virtual keyboard is MUCH better!

Rations work the same as the original.

I changed from plastic explosives to TNT for sound and visual effects.

The hotkey for the radio is TAB, it opens the backpack to get access like the original. (I'm trying to keep some things classic)

Thanks for reaching out with some suggestions. Much appreciated!