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Steel Gear

A re-creation and re-imagining of the NES/MSX version of Metal Gear 路 By clintmich

A couple of suggestions after first impressions.

A topic by Crisis_Edits created May 30, 2021 Views: 147 Replies: 4
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Yo, I'm super happy with the game so far. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan and even tried my hand at a similar project a couple of years ago, so I'm super grateful for the effort. I know how hard it can be to develop single handedly, so with that in mind and having read your devlog, here are a number of suggestions.

  • Add a slight stun/stagger effect to the melee attack, it's what made the movie viable in the OG game. As it is here, there really isn't a point since you're pretty much guaranteed to take a hit if you try to melee.
  • This might just be me, but I'd probably classify Stealth Camouflage as an Equipment item rather than a weapon, seeing as that's the case for the Solid games.
  • I know you're working with a limited animation library and I know some animation packs can be pricey, but maybe swap out the current dash animation for something more so resembling the dive from MGSV. I interpret the moves' utility to be the same.
  • Maybe apply some kind of graphical indication of a grenades arc before the player tosses it to avoid accidental death via grenade.
  • I'd as well say that however much indication you can give the player as to the guard's situational awareness, the better, Something like their vision cone on the mini-map ala the Soliton radar or some way to tell if the player's footsteps can be heard at what distance I think would be a good idea.

That's all I really have for now. Aside from the general obvious stuff like further polish, optimization, and the save feature I know you're working towards. All I could really add at this point is; as a fanboy of MGS it would be more rewarding to have a plot more so resembling the MSX version rather than the NES port. I'm not sure if you're doing the latter to avoid legal trouble (which is understandable, although I think Konami have the rights to both plots), or for a personal preference. As far as providing the definitive edition of Metal Gear 1, I'd be nice to at least have the original version's plot more so represented. That goes for character designs to, although, again I understand the limitations of Unreal's asset library.

I'm still playing through the game and having fun so, keep it up! Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great feedback. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Not a whole lot of players have reached out with their thoughts. I will be taking all your ideas into consideration. One thing though, there is actually an indicator arc and damage area that shows when throwing grenades already implemented. Hold the middle mouse down for half a second and aim your throw, and you will see it. Then release it to throw to the target area. Just clicking the middle mouse button cancels it out.

 EDIT: I just wanted to add my 2 cents about the Stealth Suit placement too. I agree with you on this, it was actually my first intention. The actual room on the screen without resizing everything and shuffling icons around was what stopped me. There was simply no space left in equipment inventory without it looking cramped. So it ended up with the weapons. And, it actually fits in there nicely IMO. Both the stealth suit and laser sight are quick access at the bottom of the weapons menu. It looks nice and tidy.

Cheers! Have fun playing!

Oh! Understood. 

A couple more things I remembered after playing a little bit more today; maybe speed up the kicking animation as well as add the stun effect; the melee option I believe is vital to conserving ammo. 

On that note: perhaps consider having a single ammo clip/grenades etc. completely restock the weapon/item. I know the whole leaving and entering the room item respawn "mechanic" is memorable in the context of the original, but just like there it can be monotonous. That is unless your goal is to totally preserve the over all game feel of the OG, which I understand. 

Thanks for being open to suggestions, and thanks for the service to the hungry Metal Gear fans like me!

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Based on some of your suggestions the next update will include some fixes such as stun effect for enemies. Also an awareness indicator! :) Still working on the update so they'll be a few more surprises in there as well. Thanks again for reaching out with ideas! Cheers!