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Wow! It was really nice from you, many thanks! ^_^

Any problem if I edit it for a commercial commission?

Well, there's not much to talk about.

If you watched animes such as Tenchi Muiyo or played a game like The Witcher, you are all set to create your own stories. =)

Just be more confident.

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On my humble opinion, there's great potential for Itch App to become a cross platform distributor solution, if we could sell our browser games.

Right now, if you label a game as "to play in browser", it's automatically becomes free, but people can also download it to install on Itch App. That's where a "pay wall" of sorts would do the trick, because the Itch App is already available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

So, why not?

Regarding... ?


I see. I could figure out to where all these exploits could lead.

On this case, it's better for people to stick with the standard rules for their pages creation.

On my humble opinion, if things are getting harder to handle by a small team, you should consider hiring some persons to tackle these issues.

Well, for 3D, I recommend Unity so... Lol


If you are interested in making your own RPG, RPG Maker is great for that!

By the way, if you wish to learn how to use it, I have the right tutorial game for you:

On my humble opinion, custom CSS should be available as default.

You said everything.

I could add that a game of mine got exploited by a Steam glitch, which caused me to bankrupt, but that's another story...

There are plenty of anime with this theme. I could list several ones here, but, why do you ask that?

In this case, you may want to take a look at this browser game...

As a developer, based on my own experience, I must say that there are some persons that exploit reviews, either for their own promotion or to harass other developers and hurt their sales.

When provided this system, they thought about these matters and on how to mitigate them.

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Reviews? Players don't ever bother to write one (at least for my games).

Actually, they don't even give stars to it, although my current project having hundreds of browser plays...

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So, when I play test my game (made with RPG Maker MV), the full screen resizes and occupies almost the whole screen (besides the letter-boxed black bars at each side), but when I try to enable full screen in my browser hosted game, it's what happens.

Is there any way to fix that? Is this something related to the engine itself or it's a problem from side?

If you want to check it first hand to see on your own browser, here's the link to the project:

Thanks in advance!

I would put a laughing emoji if they had one here. Lol

I understand there are some developers who abuse it, but I need to notify my supporters that the source files of my project are updated somehow.

I noticed that they aren't downloading it when they are released. Browser plays keeps flooding after each update though.

I tried to send an email to my supporters for the first time, talking about my project's update, but either the "send to me" and the "send email" didn't seemed to work.

There's no visual cue that the email I wrote was sent, and by checking my own email box, there's nothing there either.


It's possible to put Google Ads on my browser game, here on

Where can I take a look at it (documentation and such)?

Eu já nem discuto mais... Kkk

Se a vontade geral endossa a pirataria tão veementemente, quem somos nós para discordar?

On my humble opinion, it's better to let others decide if they will feature your work or not.

If your game was choosen, it's because they liked it and considered it worthy of such honor, which is something really great.

Otherwise, it's also good feedback. You can always meditate about where you can improve.

Me too...

I ended posting my issues in the forums to see if someone reply them.

I'm glad that I didn't run on this Discord issue (or at least, I believe so) . But I got hacked past year too, someone managed to invade both my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I know they had stolen my (old) password. I'm a bit worried about if they managed to stole other passwords of mine and have invaded other accounts than these I mentioned.

Thanks for the good advice Krunchy Fried Games!

I agree with you about the social media issue. It also distracts me a lot and hinder my development progress as well.

I'll see what I can do regarding that.

At some extent, yes. But the reviews also score the game and the chances of it to appear in the store recomendations. If a lot of persons decide to give a 1/5 star score to said game, not because the game is bad, but because of personal purposes, the developer surely will suffer from it.

Hello Itch Team,

I hope that you consider my suggestion, since is a great store for indie developers alike.

I don't have a smartphone and would like to implement two-factor authentication on my account. I already use SMS two-factor authentication for some important accounts and I'm sad to see that Itch don't have this option here as well.

I receive a SMS when need to login on the said sites I mentioned and also receive a notification on my email when someone tries to login at it with their IP address, hardware and location information, I don't understand why you can't implement this here.

Please, take a look into this, since I believe it will be a great addition to the store's security.

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Reviews can be used to manipulate persons opinions and induce biases about any work, for both good and evil purposes. I believe this decision was to avoid letting someone make use of "mob mentality" against developers.

I personally prefer it this way, since who benefits most from reviews are the developers themselves.

Hello everyone!

I noticed there are a lot of developers and content creators with successful Patreon campaigns and I just opened my own.

Do you have any hints or tips to help me succeed on my own?

And you who support those developers? Do you have any feedback to help me out?

Thanks in advance!

What a shame to not have a LoL emoji on! Hahaha...

By the way, I liked your style of comedy on your game. Keep up the good work!

Yes, but I don't know how...

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I decided to record a video of what's happening. Sometimes images tell more than words.

For some reason, after the crash, I managed to get back using the Itch App again. Before that, it just crashed every time I tried to get out of the blank screen.

P.S.: Talking about the browsing issue... What about directing users out of the Itch App to their default browser, when they click links that are not from This could be an interesting solution.

Thanks leafo, but I'm still stuck with my account in the Itch App, how can I solve this?

You should sell this game. It's really good and well made!

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I contacted support about this but to no avail. I'm waiting for a reply for more than a week.

In the Itch App, I clicked on the link for the Twitter profile of this game below:

After that, I can't use my Itch App with my En-US account anymore. The Itch App freezes in a blank page. If I try to get out of the page with the "<-" button, it simply crashes instantaneously.

Can someone look into this, please?

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My concern is if persons who have purchased it still will be able to download these files.

I want to block new purchases, not to limit those who have purchased my project to download it again if needed.

Sure! But I also have the free browser version which I would like to keep available in the meanwhile for everyone.

Is there any way to hide only the files with  price tag?


How can I prevent customers to make new purchases of my project withouth making it "free"?

I want those who have purchased my project to have access to the files and prevent new customers to purchase it. Later, I want to change everything back to normal.

The reason about why I want to do this I have explained on this post.

Thanks in advance!