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Obligatory comment on the stunning audio, art, and graphics, I just want to stare at it all day long, it's so amazing! (coming from a guy who can only draw triangle shapes haha)

That aside, and if you'd accept some constructive criticism, I feel like the main mechanic here is out of focus. That central focus: timing your impulse to bounce from planet to planet on the way out from the center, I'm just not seeing that explored in a fun way with the gameplay here.

I know from the comments below that you are ready to do some tweaking, but before you just start changing those variables in the script I'd ask you to take a step back and look at the design holistically, and really try to refocus and nail down what you are going for here. It's very easy to lose sight of that, especially when working on a large project with a big team.

All that said, I'm still astounded you accomplished this much in the 48 hours, and I look forward to seeing the updated version!

I like the idea of the mechanic, and the visuals and music sure are great. However, I feel like the idea of only powering one thing at at time could have lead to a lot more interesting puzzles, but this is still really good for 48 hours

Simple, original concept and the presentation is flawless!

This game messed with my head! First few levels I was just moving randomly, but I think at the end I was starting to get the hang of it. And some of those levels were just crazy! Amazing work!

I saw your comment saying you might want to expand the game, so here's something I noticed: some of the levels, especially a few of the mirror ones, the player was just trapped in a little cramped area, so the only thing you could do was turn. This made it pretty easy to just 'stumble' into the correct answer by spinning until all the doors opened, without really knowing solving the puzzle.

I've seen the dungeon builder idea before, but this game really does it well with tying it into strategy and of course luck of the cards

Took a while to figure out, but this concept is really interesting! When dodging, you have to make as few corrections as possible or else you are going to make yourself lose. It really can go down hill fast!

I like the stealth mechanics, but it felt pretty easy, you could just shoot them from outside of their sight. I think it could benefit from patrolling guards or keys or something, felt a little simplistic

Nice work overall though, and I thought the ending was funny!

Very cool game, though very difficult too. I like that you even had the mechanic as the menu screen, that's a nice touch

Finally a solution to the trolley problem

Really clever use of timing to move, nice work

Loved the monster design and the atmosphere. Very polished, well done!

The pixel art and atmosphere of this game are really good, great work!

Great concept and I liked the increasing complexity and sophistication of the buildings!

Just a heads up: after getting the Game Over screen I kept moving the elevator and got the win screen

Not a lot of game here but I get it. Interesting story, and you get that nice feeling of hopelessness as your fuel bar disappears and you slow to a halt so good job on that

This is a really cool concept! I guess I'm not very good at multitasking, I could only get 850.

Just a note to others: you have to click on the white part of the start button for it to work, and I think the right baby harvester is broken

Very cool mechanic and the artwork is great!

It's pretty easy once you realize the "formula" for the perfect score of adding all numbers and finding the lowest common factor greater than or equal to the largest element you started with. It is a cool concept though and I like how the elements get bigger when selected and sort down as the number of them gets smaller, nice work on the UI

I like the hovering/flapping mechanic! I found the code and the player message, but couldn't find the rest of the secrets

Great work, especially with only 2 days of experience!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Taking the follow-the-right-wall maze solving algorithm I see! I thought the puzzles where you have to use the turning slowdown to time getting between moving walls were especially interesting

Thanks for the feedback! I like the radar idea, that would be interesting to implement

I like the funny take on the theme

Same here (64-bit Win 10)

For those curious on how to run this

1. Download file

2. Visit

3. Click File -> Load from Your Computer in upper left

4. Click the green flag to run the game (controls are 'a' and 'd')

This gave me a real good laugh

Really nice graphics and looks for this game

Good concept, though the puzzle was quite simple

Excellent take on the past selves idea! Very well executed too