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The Marauders/Bandits at the end of the road on Campaign mode despawn if you walk off too far to the left and then never respawn again for some reason?

Also the bullet resistant one should have some blood maybe to show off that he is getting damaged? Because right now it looks like he takes no damage at all because of the sparkles. He does die from bullets but the lack of proper visual cues on him getting damaged makes it kinda confusing.

Maybe it would be nice to also be able to hold a button to skip the intro cutscene.

Possibly having a way to resume the campaign from where you left would be nice too.

The GUI does not seem to be properly scaled when playing on the normal resolution given on the website. This made the "Money +25" and such text be shown offscreen.

This also caused the inventory slots to be offset from where they really are. So for example, if I equip a weapon, I have to aim a little bit to the right from where it really is to equip it on the right slot.

Also clicking on the X button on the inventory does not work.

When using a door, could the game be paused or enemy AI be disabled? because right now when using a door the world does not pause, meaning that enemies can kill you while going through a door, or even camp the door, so the moment you go back you might instantly die from a lot of enemies being right at the door.

If the enemies stopped chasing, or the game paused while going through a door it would solve those issues.

Could the hazmat enemies have a blue trace when they are attacking?

This could be done so you can tell that their attack poisons you, since for example the spitter enemy has blue bullets, which easily indicate it uses poison.

Maybe a different hit sound, or custom hit impact effect could be used when getting hit by a poison attack?

When killing enemies their coins can go through walls or props, which means that they can die and drop their coin out of bounds, making that money they dropped be impossible to collect.

For example on the school? there are a few of the spitter enemies that are nearby walls, and when they die their coin drops inside the tables or behind the walls.

If you go from the main menu to "Settings", then press on "Reset to default" and then click on "Back", the settings menu won't go away and you can't use it properly anymore.

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On the "Controls" menu "Attack" is mispelled as "Atack".

Maybe the kick button should also be changed to K since that way it's easier to hit as it is closer to the attack button which is J.

It would also be nice if their order could be changed to something like this:

  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Move Left
  • Move Right
  • Roll
  • Action
  • Attack
  • Kick
  • Reload
  • Change Ammo Type
  • Open Inventory
  • Equip Weapon 1
  • Equip Weapon 2
  • Equip Weapon 3
  • Use Item 1
  • Use Item 2
  • Use Item 3
  • Equip Throwable 1
  • Equip Throwable 2
  • Equip Throwable 3

Some things here were renamed to make them easier to understand and more clear overall.

Could the buttons at the main menu have a little SFX when clicking them? It just would be a nice little addition.

Maybe they could also have a mouse hover over sound too. Make sure the sounds are also not too loud.

Could the game over sound be a little less loud?

It's a bit too loud in comparison to the rest of the sounds of the game at the moment, so the mixing isn't the best.

Also, if you die while poisoned, the poisoned icon stays on the game over screen.

Could the crit animation have a shine at the top of the sword swing with a little shiny noise indicating it is a crit attack?

It just would be nice to have a better way to tell if you ended up doing a crit attack more easily than just watching the animation being different.

The credits have a few typos on the Special Thanks section.

"Dareapaaa" should be "DaReapaaa" - There it should be a capital R on Reapaaa.

"Wolt Jolt" should be "Volt Jolt" - His name is with V not W.

"Witherhusk" should be "Wither Husk" - His name goes separated and with a capital letter on Husk.

Some enemy animations hit WAY earlier than they should.

Sometimes the enemy attacks, clearly hits you but does not because the impact itself is not in sync with the animation.

Sometimes there are enemies that attack and hit INSTANTLY despite that the animation shows that they landed their hit a bit later.

Enemy stunning with a kick has no visual cue, which means you can't really tell that the kick you did indeed stunned the enemy. Maybe little stars over their head and forcing them to play the idle animation (or a new stunned animation, but that would require more work, so an easier workaround might be better for now) and cancel their attack animation would help. Currently when kicking enemies they get stunned but keep playing their attack animation (despite doing  no damage) and everything which sadly makes it quite hard to tell the kicking even works, visually speaking.

Also if you kick while having no weapon equipped... on the earlier version it had no animation, but now it has an animation... but for some reason it shows that you have a gun on your offhand instead of no weapon at all. It would be nice if instead there it was a new animation for kicking with no weapon.

There's currently a bug in where going to the door at the end of the store on the first store, and then going back up the ladder, will reset all items from the store and entire of the road level, which means you can dupe all items in there.

By doing this however, it also respawns enemies... and if you kill a few of the respawned enemies the game will just crash (after like 2-3 enemies?).

Could the opening of boxes be more automatic?

So instead of pressing E twice to get an item, it could automatically pickup it up with only pressing E once? (so press E and it will open the box and give you the item instead of opening it, and then pressing E again to pick it up)

It's just kinda tedious to want to pick up an item and having to press it twice. Maybe the item obtained could also use a different animation to show you what item you got from it, since if you spam E to pick up items you don't really know what item you got until you open your inventory.

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Oh, pain, but that actually makes sense. So, all it really takes is to make sure that on game_restart all of Gameframe's global stuff is set again but that's just a bandaid to an issue Gamemaker is making from their misleading name function honestly.

At this point, I can see why some people hijacked game_restart to do things their own way instead of relying on it.

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This probably is not important but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in the documentation, so I might as well point it out.

While the usage of the game_restart function is usually only for debugging (so normally this won't be an issue), I noticed that the buttons duplicate, so you end up having a stack of buttons after restarting the game a few times. I assume it has to do with the gameframe_init function being repeated on each game start without a proper cleanup when the game restarts.

How the buttons look after restarting the game twice:

Oh, that was fast, and nice catch, I wouldn't have figured it was that in the end. lol

Thank you!

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Hello! I hope you are doing well.

I tried it out and it seems like neither windows_progress nor windows_flash (tested them by assigning them to buttons and even timers) are working.

There's no error or anything they simply don't do anything.

I can only assume that the 2022 updates broke it for some reason as there's no extra setup or anything mentioned so they should have been working fine.

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Holy shit that was quick, and you know what you deserve it, you replied super quickly and delivered for what is a FREE extension, you could have just gone "I'm busy, sorry, bye check up on this later", so I'll send you 5$, and that makes it 20$ total (I actually plan on buying another one but running kinda low on money atm, since my main currency isn't in USD so I gotta do some tricky stuff to get said currency).

And seriously, I know it's a tiny extension but only getting 15$ in a 2-year span is just underrated considering that GM built-in stuff is limited and this extension solves all of that. I guess it is kinda the faith of Pay What You Want stuff on this site; not many people would pay if they can just get it for free.

Edit: I had some weird issues with the icons not showing up but I figured it was just due to exporting them with the wrong size,  so don't mind the many edits/extra deleted message. lol

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Do you have any plans on updating the GameMaker version to work properly with the newer versions of the engine?