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Oh, pain, but that actually makes sense. So, all it really takes is to make sure that on game_restart all of Gameframe's global stuff is set again but that's just a bandaid to an issue Gamemaker is making from their misleading name function honestly.

At this point, I can see why some people hijacked game_restart to do things their own way instead of relying on it.

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This probably is not important but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in the documentation, so I might as well point it out.

While the usage of the game_restart function is usually only for debugging (so normally this won't be an issue), I noticed that the buttons duplicate, so you end up having a stack of buttons after restarting the game a few times. I assume it has to do with the gameframe_init function being repeated on each game start without a proper cleanup when the game restarts.

How the buttons look after restarting the game twice:

Oh, that was fast, and nice catch, I wouldn't have figured it was that in the end. lol

Thank you!

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Hello! I hope you are doing well.

I tried it out and it seems like neither windows_progress nor windows_flash (tested them by assigning them to buttons and even timers) are working.

There's no error or anything they simply don't do anything.

I can only assume that the 2022 updates broke it for some reason as there's no extra setup or anything mentioned so they should have been working fine.

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Holy shit that was quick, and you know what you deserve it, you replied super quickly and delivered for what is a FREE extension, you could have just gone "I'm busy, sorry, bye check up on this later", so I'll send you 5$, and that makes it 20$ total (I actually plan on buying another one but running kinda low on money atm, since my main currency isn't in USD so I gotta do some tricky stuff to get said currency).

And seriously, I know it's a tiny extension but only getting 15$ in a 2-year span is just underrated considering that GM built-in stuff is limited and this extension solves all of that. I guess it is kinda the faith of Pay What You Want stuff on this site; not many people would pay if they can just get it for free.

Edit: I had some weird issues with the icons not showing up but I figured it was just due to exporting them with the wrong size,  so don't mind the many edits/extra deleted message. lol

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Do you have any plans on updating the GameMaker version to work properly with the newer versions of the engine?