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Do you have any plans on updating the GameMaker version to work properly with the newer versions of the engine?


That is done. I’ll take a few dollars if you have them as this extension made $15 in 2 years time.

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Holy shit that was quick, and you know what you deserve it, you replied super quickly and delivered for what is a FREE extension, you could have just gone "I'm busy, sorry, bye check up on this later", so I'll send you 5$, and that makes it 20$ total (I actually plan on buying another one but running kinda low on money atm, since my main currency isn't in USD so I gotta do some tricky stuff to get said currency).

And seriously, I know it's a tiny extension but only getting 15$ in a 2-year span is just underrated considering that GM built-in stuff is limited and this extension solves all of that. I guess it is kinda the faith of Pay What You Want stuff on this site; not many people would pay if they can just get it for free.

Edit: I had some weird issues with the icons not showing up but I figured it was just due to exporting them with the wrong size,  so don't mind the many edits/extra deleted message. lol

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Such is the fate of these small extensions - they are undeniably useful, but only to a number of people.

I originally relied on simply not having to touch them ever again after initial development, but GameMaker updates now move quickly enough that you do have to update something now and then, which becomes an issue when you have accumulated dozens of extensions over years.