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Hey man, love your assets. I think this is the second time I'm complimenting you. 

Art Style

I'm working on a beat 'em all type fighting game, not sure if this is what you expected 😅 but I wanted to ask if your art style looks good on 2.5D Games like this:

The first time I tried to implement Kathrine's (Blade Girl) sp-atk VFX I wasn't sure if it looked good or out of place, but at some point, I got over it 🤷 so I just wanted to ask..

Sprite Scaling

Also, concerning future updates can you please separate the VFX for the character's sp-attack just like you did for Eric (leaf-ranger)? It made things a lot easier, than having to deal with such large-scale images for a small spawn object 🙏.

So far Eric has been the most comfortable to work with as I had issues spawning Kathrine's (Blade Girl) sp-attack VFX in the game, not to mention Monk's earth VFX 😩.

If doing this will affect your work then it's fine I can always work my way around it 🙂....🥲. 

Again, keep up the good work man your work is amazing.

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Graphics looks good, heck its exceptional, plus the UI was well done. Loved the intro as well it felt immersive. Story telling is also done properly here, its not complicated and its easy to follow.

Possible Improvements


The attacks feel buggy and rigid. Every time I make a swing I'm still able to move around while still playing the attack animation. 

The hitboxes of both the player and enemies are too big, I constantly find myself taking damage from an enemy's swing when I'm way off the it's attack range (judging by its sprite animation).

2. Free-Roam

Combat feels forced as I cannot pass an enemy without taking at least damage from it. It's a good idea to have to player fight enemies but the combat itself is not immersive. 

Allowing the player to choose when and when not to fight makes them feel more of in control and not have to worry about completing a phase all over again just because the story prompts it.

3. Enemy AI

The AI for enemies feels weird, one moment they are attacking you and the next they go back to patrolling. Also they don't seem to have fall physics as an enemy didn't fall into the deadly spikes even after I pushed it off.


The game has a lot of potential with it's visually pleasing graphics and lets not forget its beautiful audio, but what matters the most in a video game is the "Gameplay" 'cause that's going to be 80% of the entire game.

My only headache so far is the "Combat" 😣, I've not been able to get past the level after his uncle died to the Deathbringer. Good work on this, hope to see more.

Seriously your work is commendable. I just can't get enough of the "smooth as butter" animations. I plan to use this for one of my projects as it fits almost perfectly. 

Also by any chance do you make BGs for each character or BGS that stand on their own?

Love the Halloween update and I also love how you've given the enemies so much personality. Keep it up.

This is nice. I'm thinking of making cooking game and this could be useful.

Very interesting. It's giving me old-school Phonekey Age of Empires. Love the aesthetic. 

Hey man, I love your style. So far this is what I've been able to make with this asset.

I'm still thinking of expanding the game but I'll need more sprites of enemies and for the the heroes.

Literally found the perfect asset for a tutorial on Godot thanks.

The game has a lot of room for improvement, it's impressive enough to keep a player engaged. Only thing I will say is that the UI needs better improvement and the resource management is a bit unfair as it is very difficult to gain resources after hiring a few units and peasants.
Its still in development so I won't criticize it too much mostly because it was still fun to play.

I also second this. And maybe consider adding walls like in Age of Empires (side, front, and back view). 

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So I've been working on a 2D top down RTS video game made with Unity. I've implemented some basic mechanics concerning: Mass Unit Selection, Unit Formation, Game Design, my first Scene and Environment, at least playable 6 characters, 4 unique resource, and a building system. 

Tiny Swords is a casual RTS game inspired by Age of Empires IV. This so far is a demo update and more mechanics will be implemented. 

You can download it here:

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Loved the DEMO, kept smiling all through while I was playing, it really brought back the nostalgia.
My Chef's Kiss to this game is the fluent animations into the game play chopping the top and bottom sprites into one character for a seamless aiming and moving.

Also I loved the art style, I just have to give the animators credit because this kind of art style is usually difficult to animate and they killed it with the emotions they gave the characters.

Overall Awesome game, can't wait for updates.

I'm sorry but this cannot be $5 I'll give it at least $35-45. This is an amazing work. 

I pretty much liked the music, really satisfying, I don't get the concept tho or maybe I thought it was too basic but all-in-all good work.

Nah man, Nah man, Nah man.

This game is freaking epic. Wish it had some sounds tho. It has a lot of potential to be much better, trust me when I say this CAN be so much better. Loved the animations flowing in with the VFX and the camera shake. Well done deserves more ratings.

Thanks, I actually started two days after the Jam launched, and I put a LOT of work into this, like "All Nighters" kinna work. I'm working on a prequal with all the feedbacks I've gotten from everyone so far, and it will be available to play after the Jam.

Boss Hunter X was a python tutorial of when I still learning to code 😅. It's been such a long time I don't think I remember the channel, but in the game all u do is fight BOSSES and it has 5 levels. But  meant what I said on your game, and trust me when I say I don't give compliments I just state facts and you've got potential.

Really and underrated game. Good work on this. The graphics and audio was really good this game also reminds me of "Boss Hunter X" made with python.

Dude everything about this game was good, it got the theme right as an end for the player leads to new options. I loved the graphics and the audio (very relaxing). The gameplay was fun and easy to understand. So far the only critique I have is a little bug. When I die in level two my "dead platform" is spawned in the wrong place  and the more I die the worse it becomes. Besides that the game was fun and it smashed all the requirements for this jam 5/5.

The art style was really nice, not a bad game.

Thanks for the feedback, these really help, and I've decided to make it possible to configure the controls in later updates so players can choose which key/mouse button they prefer for action(s). Also I loved your game it really felt good to be a force of good helping people you and your team did an amazing job.

You can literally make a racing game from this damn, the Ideas I'm getting from this game 😆. Loved the gameplay and the audio also it was super silly I unlocked 2 achievements "Let there be Light", "Timber". Good game.

Jesus Christ this is a game jam? More like a AAA game. The art was beautiful, all the characters looked like they have a lore to them and not just a generic "Police" or generic "Old Lady", the BGM was also peaceful which fitted the game really well as nothing too exciting was happening. I loved the concept of the game, it really breaks the forth wall as YOU the player are the Savior, helping people by making small decisions. 

Really well done, your team really smashed all the rating requirements for this jam, easily one of the best games.

Good work on this game, reminds me of chicken invaders.

Third person-top down fighting games are find it hard to impress me, as there are an unnecessary amount of vfx or movement, but your game was pretty simple you really KISS'd you're game there. Good work.

Also the sudden pause in the animations was intentional, as to discourage spamming. Thanks for playing and actually "finishing" my game you're the second of two that did that. 

Yh It is I had time to put in different cars but I just felt lazy and didn't do that 😅.

Longest name ever lol, the art style was good and the story made sense in contrast with the theme. The animations could be better improved, but all-in-all good work.

Weird but cool. Good work on this game.

Good graphics.

This reminds me of a game that was literarly called "Shift" but it was 3D. Still it had the same mechanic of shooting enemies and dashing to get to the end of a level. Good work on this game loved the art style and the BGM was a chef's kiss.

Damn, the graphics was really good. That or I'm just a really big fan of pixel art. Good work.

Loved the graphics, you really nailed the lighting and post processing on the freakin' head. Good work on this.

Yet another beautiful pixel art game, well done on this, this is quite a lot for a game jam.

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Weird but cool, really nice game. Add some weird yelps and this would be a throwback of Mini Militia xD.

Good use of the theme, also loved the art style.

It's like Super mario but with Zelda sprinkle tossed in 😆. Really good game, loved the art style.

Yh I did

Glad to hear that, I always tell myself "You can only get better" and keep moving forward with those words. I hope you do the same and be the best you can be in your future games.

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DUDE, you finished the gameeeee, ahaha FINALLY, and you got the  "SUS" ending. Thanks man, hope you had fun playing 😆. Also yes PonyTail's animation was shared with other enemy units like "Brute", "Punk", and finally "Electris", so i probably forgot to overwrite her animation in the override controller 😅.