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uh no? + owned


at times



I won, pretty good game for just 5 hours of development

The intro cutscene was slow paced at times but overall funny. I didn't get far in the game either, it felt impossible to kill anything, and I gave up once I got killed by a dead body (at least that's what I think happened), nice job.

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I didn't think this game was GBTK levels of bad, the turning feels strange, but other than that it's a pretty standard game. Definitely not a bad effort for a 12 year old.

Thanks for playing! The blue text pop up is the game over screen, and the black screen with white text is the win screen.

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Sure. Here they are in the map editor (if you can even understand it lol):

Map 1 (suburbs.mmm):

Map 2 (store.mmm)

If I can get them to work ingame, i'll reply again with those images

thanks I know

sorry lol

It was fun, until the squid showed up.

Overall 7/10 game.

Thank you!

It was made using Game Maker Studio 1.4. I don't know any scratch.

Is that a thing that happens?

It's all in the game.

You can actually shoot the gang members with your invisible gun but even then it's still frustrating because of the following:

1. Your bullet can delete itself on contact with the gang member without dealing damage

2. Your bullet does random damage.

3. You can't aim your gun up so you'll be screwed when gang members jump above you.


You were pretty much at the end of the game anyways so you didn't miss out on much dying there. 

yeah that definetely did happen lol.

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Yeah the reason why the graphics look so bad is probably thanks to the crayon brush in ms paint. If you want to know how to not die,  left click to shoot your gun that you have for some reason. The only reason why you would know you have one is if you accidentally left clicked or read a sign in a glitched house.

how do you shoot


Your game is decent, and could be much better with some changes.

Here's what I think should be changed/problems I encountered:

* The sword is too short.

* Your speed abruptly comes to a halt when you attack which is jarring.

* Checkpoints aren't visible and respawn triggers for dialogue.

* The game crashed when I was killed by a red enemy once.

* The panics take too long

* I got stuck in dialogue after making my way past the sign which requires the paper

* I couldn't tell I picked up the paper in the first place

Here's what you did right:

* Being able to aim the sword while attacking adds a bit more depth because it allows you to get more out of each swing with more effort.

* The dialogue was interesting and kept me wanting to play the game more.

* You showed dangerous enemies in out of reach sections in rooms to demonstrate that they're dangerous without hurting the player which is good design (though you could make the enemy appear more obvious).

I was very intrigued by your game, and I think most of your problems could be fixed easily. I wanted to keep playing but I got stuck in dialogue and decided to quit. I still enjoyed the experience and I think you still did a good job with this game.

You have some good ideas and some bad ones in this game. Here are the things I think should be removed:

* The minimap blocking your view.

* Having less control over your zombies, meaning it's impossible to dodge projectiles, especially the molotovs/whatever is thrown at your horde that instantly kills all of it.

* Not much feedback when you attack a human (There should be a louder sound effect and maybe screen shake)/

Here's what I do like:

* The time limit forcing you to act quickly, therefore making each situation more tense

* Having different enemies turn into different zombies.

* Having the zombies not fully follow your directions to simulate realism (though this clashes with the gameplay because it makes it impossible to dodge projectiles).

I like the idea that having a bigger horde takes away your control, but this can make it impossible to control the horde, instead of your idea of making it more difficult. 

You have a good concept, and I think that with a few changes it can become much more intuitive and enjoyable.

Neat game, and great level design that slowly introduces mechanics to the player. Could use some extra feedback to polish it up more though; A visual indicator of where you will teleport, along with sound effects and maybe some gui displaying all of your super powers would greatly increase game feel. The art for the characters is charming, but the environment and bombs are a bit bland.

There were a few bugs I encountered:

* I died at the edge of the fourth room and when I respawned, I was in a black room with words (from one of the children that give you the powers)

* A magnet bomb that was moving towards me on one screen moved it's way to the next and killed me twice. (not sure if this is a bug but you should deactivate objects outside of view)

Your idea is original, and worked out pretty well despite the feedback flaws. Good work.

Lol same. I use malwarebytes and all I had to do was whitelist the application to play it though. If you're not able to do that, then I unfortunately can't help you for now. I'm gonna link an HTML5 version of the game when I can.

If you're careful you can move the game window under the second virus. I should have made this much more obvious/mentioned it somewhere in the game but I forgot to. 

Also knocking it over is pretty much useless and you never need to do it. I think I'll make it a secret and have the stun time last a short while to tell the player how it isn't worth doing. Thank you for the feedback.

I think you have a decent idea for this game, though the randomness & level design is what threw me off. Sometimes I would wait at a platform for the right keys to appear and they just wouldn't. Instead of giving the player random keys to use, you could manually add a list of keys (looping) and use that to design interesting situations.

I also didn't realize you could hold a key down at first. If you had better visual feedback for when you were holding onto a key, it would be more obvious.

Nice work! The game was pretty polished and fun to play. There's a decent amount of small things you could add to make it better though, that being:

* a way to recover health

* displaying the names of powerups

* changing the color of gray tanks to make them easier to spot

Having the walls shoot you is a good idea, though you'll usually only get killed by enemy tank fire. If you were able to choose weapons, and make the wall bullets more dangerous, you could have a great risk/reward system where choosing the more powerful weapons would be able to kill tanks easily, while posing the threat of the walls shooting back at you with great force.

Yes, just press ALT+ENTER for fullscreen.

This was really fun and unique. There's not much I can think of that you can improve on.  Very addicting.

The main issue with the game is the controls. This could have easily been fixed if you used the keys 1,2,3, and 4 instead of z,x,c, and v; and by placing each key under each command. 

Also your party members seem pretty in-control. They follow you around and attack just like most party members do in games. It would have been more interesting if they went their own separate ways, didn't listen to you, and you instead had to protect them. Good idea, could have had better execution, and shows potential.

I got a score of -$165.37.

This game was pretty fun. I like how you turned such a simple game idea into one that managed to be pretty intriguing for me. The graphics weren't great but in a charming and funny way. The dogs & cars were the best editions to the game, because they gave you good challenge to kite/dodge. 

A problem I had was that I had to rename the folder of the game data to "GAME_Data" for the game to work. Great work though nonetheless.

I got a score of 41 seconds.

The game would be more interesting if you had more than just a flat plane to walk on. I like your idea and I think it would be improved if you changed that.

Unfortunately I can't play the game on Windows. The .pck file is missing, so it won't run.

Nice game. Your idea was good, though it felt as if you had too little control over where the mouse was. Also my mouse kept moving off of the game, not sure why. Good work.

Gameplay would be vastly improved if you could tell where your gun was pointing. Then you'd have to kite the enemies in a way that allows you to hit them. Walls can also block your path by spawning in front of you which can throw people off track. Having the chance to gain more health would make the game more forgiving also. 

You have a pretty good idea, though it could have been executed better. Nice work either way.

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I didn't find the game that fun. There's not much challenge, instead you just walk around a maze looking for keys. Having spikes on the walls or enemies would have made the game much better (and put your skills of dealing with the physics to the test). 

I really like the atmosphere you set up with the music though. The graphics fit your idea well too, although I think the gradient background is a bit bland. The music instruments did get a bit grating on my ears and I had to turn it down (and ended up still hearing it in my head please help); though I would keep the weird instruments to sound effects and whatnot.

There's not much to write home about for this game, but I see a lot of potential in it.